Megalithic temples of Hagar

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Megalithic temples of Hagar and Ggantija.

Among other merits before history, the Maltese archipelago is world famous for the fact that the most ancient man-made structures on Earth are located here. This is the megalithic temples.

Hagar “standing stones (to) worship” – a megalithic temple complex on the island of Malta. Refers to the phase of Ggantija Maltese ancient history (3600-3200 BC).

The temple of Hagar Qim stands on a hilltop, with views of the sea and the islet of Filfla (Filfla). The temple is a single temple structure, although it is unclear whether it was built originally as four or pateamine structure. In fact, this religious building from the huge raw or semi-processed stone blocks, which include dolmens (funerary box, covered with a massive flat slab), and menhirs (single standing stones) and cromlechs (circular fence). Maltese megaliths are dolmens.

The fact that all the buildings were built of stone blocks, the size of which is 8 meters long and weighs tens of tons. Still, it remains a mystery how could the people of that era, which were known only primitive tools, to create such a large building material whole complexes of buildings, and even to lay the stones so tightly that they are no cracks. However, Continue reading

Stone Grave


Stone grave under Melitopol (Ukraine) is one of the oldest temple complexes. It is not just a hill of stone slabs, resembling a grave, but this is a mass grave of dozens of Nations.

Stone Grave – most researchers suggest that it was a natural formation. Scientists suggest that it appeared as follows. Monolithic Sandstone shallow so-called Sarmatian sea slipped on the sand in the cavity, washed by the river, the path split into many boulders. But this is the only in the world of education.

Later, during the Pontian sea, has formed the limestone deposits.

The sea has left, reigned in the desert. Subsequently, it formed the basin of the river that penetrated deep into the earth, and the iron and manganese oxides left on the surface of the sand, forming a stony rock. So gradually arose at this place the Sandstone monolith.

During the melting of the glacier on the North (the border was near present-day Dnepropetrovsk), “big water” flowing down to the South, formed the valleys of the rivers and of the so-called “amphitheater” – huge vimini in the right Bank of the great Breast. They appeared as a result of the rotary movement of a huge mass of water, and due to the natural deepening of the riverbed Dairy huge island Continue reading

The earliest models of the world

amye the first model of the world .

Despite the high level of astronomical information of the peoples of the ancient East, their views on the structure of the world was limited to direct visual feelings. So in Babylon formed the view that the Earth has the form of a raised island surrounded by ocean. Inside the Earth is like “the Kingdom of the dead”. The sky is a solid dome resting on the earth’s surface and separating the “lower waters” (the ocean around earth island) from the “top” (rain) water. This dome is attached to a celestial object, above the sky as if the gods live. The sun rises in the morning, leaving the East gate, and enters through the Western gate, and at night it moves under the Earth.

According to the ideas of the ancient Egyptians, the universe has the appearance of a wide valley, stretched from North to South, it is Egypt. The sky was like a large tin roof, which is supported on pillars, in the form of hanging lamps of the stars.

In Ancient China there existed the notion that the earth has the form of a flat rectangle, which is supported on pillars round domed sky. Furious, the dragon seemed bent Central post, whereby the Land bent to the East. So all rivers in China flow eastward. Heaven bent to the West, therefore all heavenly bodies are moving from East to West.

And only in the Greek colonies on the Western shores of the Continue reading

Underground secrets of Parma

Underground secrets of Parma.

The first Russians came to the Urals in the XV-XVI centuries, the settlement was continued in XVII century and in XVIII century became widespread. Built fortress towns. Everyone in the Urals famous legends about Chud tribes who built extensive underground tunnels, the arches of which were supported by wooden pillars. Ancient man-made underground labyrinth was discovered at the confluence of the White to the Kama river. Probably they dug the Bulgars before the arrival of the Horde. When the Urals began mining industry, the plants also encompass ramparts, walls, ditches and had its underground part. Built penstocks – tunnels through which the water rushed to the wheels, which resulted in movement mechanisms in plants. Directly to the factory towns came mining, mines gallery. Constructed drainage channels, diverting excess water. The presence of these old mines that sometimes causes failures and subsidence.

In addition to countless number of natural caves in the Urals and a lot of hand-made dungeons with their secrets. These dungeons are called architectural and historical.

To systematically explore the man-made underground cities in the Urals began in the early 80’s. At the Sverdlovsk architectural Institute was organized by the group “Terra”. It was headed by Professor V. Slukin, who wrote the later book.

The first Russians came to the Urals in the XV-XVI centuries, the settlement was continued in XVII century and in XVIII century became widespread. Built fortress towns. Continue reading

The series of paintings by Claude Monet

The cathedrals — this is another famous series is Monet . consisting of thirty paintings. The artist decides to concentrate on particular fragments of a Gothic Cathedral and selects the portal, the tower of St. Martin and the tower of the Alban. He is interested in solely the play of light on the stone, heaven and earth almost cease to exist.

Dawn Monet in waiting: in accordance with his technology, he paints a lot of paintings of the same fragment to capture the appropriate lighting effects. “The sooner my work is moving, the harder it is to show what I feel. All night I had nightmares: the Cathedral fell on me, it was something blue, then pink, then yellow,” he confides to a friend and future biographer — to Gustave geffroy.

The Cathedral in Rouen in the sun

The musée d’orsay, Paris

After returning from Rouen, Monet’s paintings of leaves unopened. If he gets one of them, only to continue to work on it. Expect all of the Rouen series will be presented only in 1895. The artist wants twenty paintings from the series “Cathedrals” were sold not one, but whole series, despite the fact that each of them is estimated at 15 000 francs!

“The Cathedral in Rouen Continue reading

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