The great wall of China

From whom and when built was the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China – a unique structure, though it looks like a dragon’s body is long, stretching in northern China. Length of more than 6400 km, the thickness of the walls about 3-yoh meters, and the height can reach Simi meters. It is believed that in the III century BC, began the construction of the wall, and ended only in the XVII century AD. It turns out that the accepted version of history is the construction lasted for almost 2,000 years. Indeed, a unique structure. Such protracted history does not know. This version of history all so accustomed that few people think about the absurdity of it.

Any building, especially large, has a definite practical purpose. Who today can get away with starting a huge building, which will be complete only after 2000 years? Of course, anyone! Because it bezsmyslenno. Not only is it unending construction of a heavy burden on the country’s population, the construction itself will continue to be destroyed and will have to restore it. What happened to the Great Wall.

We will never know how to look the first sections of the wall built, supposedly, BC. They, of course, collapsed. Those sites that have survived to our time, were mostly built during the Ming Dynasty, that is, supposedly, Continue reading

The mysteries of underground Moscow

Taisiya Belousova

P ozemny Moscow with its mystery arouses the interest of the General public. Recently there are articles on this topic. When getting acquainted with the most publications give the impression that their authors get their information about underground tunnels from adventure novels Gleb Alexeyev “Underground Moscow,” published in 1925. As agreed, the journalists tell of many kilometers of tunnels in which the three drove to the Kremlin Tsar Ivan the terrible, secret mazes, passing under the entire Central part of the capital, about the use of ancient underground galleries in the 1930-ies of the NKVD, etc, from article to article walk the same stories about Moscow caches

The mysteries of underground Moscow


“Militant pojemnik”

Underground Moscow with its mystery arouses the interest of the General public. Recently there are articles on this topic. When getting acquainted with the most publications give the impression that their authors get their information about underground tunnels from adventure novels Gleb Alexeyev “Underground Moscow,” published in 1925. As agreed, telling reporters Continue reading

Not open Russia

Not open Russia. Traces of ancient civilizations

Ural traces of ancient civilizations

In Russia discovered the underground city last civilization

Many researchers of ancient civilization believe that in Russia there are no traces of ancient megalithic sites. However, expeditions of recent years, suggest otherwise. Everywhere from the Kola Peninsula to the Urals and further it is possible to detect not only the ruins of the great buildings of unknown ancient civilizations, but also a cyclopean underground objects. ©

Places of power. Arkaim

Alexander Koltypin . candidate of geological and mineralogical Sciences, who has dedicated many years to the study of unknown civilizations, believes that we still have many unique discoveries on the territory of Russia, which otherwise will allow you to look at our history.

Alexander Koltypin: — When I try and tell any organize joint research, while we had good relations with America, tried jointly American studies, since liaised with a number of specialists from America that are doing the same. Now, when they began worse within Russia to organize research, to explore the legacy of past civilizations.

Many people say, it will be easy to implement, more easily feasible to do, if such megalithic complex, if such an underground cave cities, megalithic complexes are on the territory of Russia. Continue reading

Underground construction projects of antiquity.

Underground construction projects of antiquity.

A massive and complex cave complex in the Caucasus (V—XIII centuries) is carved into the cliff town of Vardzia, which builders have successfully resolved complex and difficult for the time task, as the supply of cave city water, natural light and air.

According to the testimony of Xenophon (IV—V centuries BC), the Armenians, who lived

cold plateau, lived in a vast dungeon where you fell on stairs and sloping passages. Later underground work in the Caucasus was conducted for the purpose of communication. So, in the work of Georgian writer Alexander Casbee mentions about the tunnel on the road from the North Caucasus to Georgia.

The limited technical means led to the fact that the construction of the most significant tunnels distant past lasted for decades and was regarded as a historical event. Thus, the construction of the tunnel under mount Salvino the last 5 km, was built by the ancient Romans, worked for 11 years 30 thousand people.

In ancient times, the tunnels were used for military purposes, such as tunneling under the walls of besieged cities to destroy walls and open access to the city. So, during the siege of Kazan by Russian troops on 31 August 1552 Ivan IV called razmisli (engineer) told me to .him to make a big tunnel under the city. Continue reading

Domenico Qualia

Qualia Domenico – painter of the Gothic cathedrals, tour operators in Germany offer last minute in September

Johann Domenicus Qualo (Domenico Qualia) is not only one of famous German architects who worked in the style of romanticism, but also a talented painter, engraver and lithographer. Tour operators in Germany provide an opportunity for everyone to see his work not only on the streets, and in museums.


Domenico Qualo born January 1, 1787. in Munich in a family of talented people. His father, Giuseppe Qualo, was a famous architect and artist.

The science of architecture and painting Domenico Qualo first studied with his father, and then entered the Munich Academy of arts. There his teachers were Hesse and Mettenleiter.

In g. Domenico Quello was appointed decorator of the court theatre in Munich. And in the period from 1808 to 1814 worked as a court theater artist, doing scenic and architectural decorations.

Qualia traveled extensively in Europe. He has traveled all over Germany. been to France. Switzerland. Italy. The Netherlands. In the travel Qualia sought inspiration for his paintings in which he portrayed mostly of the architectural structures of the middle ages. One of the first Domenico Qualo used lithography technique to create her works. However, after 1819. he was engaged in painting with oil paints.

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