Old buildings in the world

Crypts. It is beautiful to die is not forbidden

Fashion is the construction of the crypts. One of the first Kyiv – family

the crypt of a prominent politician Petro Poroshenko

On weekdays, the cemetery Zverinetska quiet and deserted. So much so that each

a rustling sound behind you makes you turn around and firmly grab her own purse

(you never know!). Old, barely visible graves, lop-sided monuments alternate

with a very modern black granite tombstones, with dates of graves end

While the construction is in full swing. It’s amazing how tight it is among

a graves, between which and squeeze something impossible, there is such

dome, gold plated cross on top. One of the tombs fenced

tracery cast-iron railing painted silver. The structure at the corners

crowned by slender columns with gilded tops. If you get closer and

look through the bars, we can see a big domovinu of black granite.

fenced wrought iron gates, over which is installed a small granite female

statue with cross in hand and wings on his shoulders. To get inside, apparently, can

only the closest people. Through the wrought iron gate you can see the semi-circular openwork

Playground, black granite walls back a high hill cemetery. On

granite carved some biblical scenes, and in the middle of a large white marble

the image of an angel.

Next door built a second large tomb,

where buried mother of a prominent politician. While there are construction works,

so, what exactly will be inside, will paint the walls, we don’t know. But you can see already,

that such a tomb could cost a very small amount. External walls and

floor around, is faced with black granite, as if in a mausoleum. From within the walls covers

bright veined marble. The entrance to the crypt is decorated with minted metal

figures of saints on a blue background. Front is also semi-circular platform that

workers, to see how things are going in the building, come very old

a relative of Peter’s. With simple of the cemetery employees he

the burial plot policy with old graves of nuns Vvedensky

monastery. Simple white crosses and small earthen mounds, almost srovnavaci

to the ground. The graves are very close, and you need to carefully look under

feet, so as not to inadvertently step on a mound. How would they know who have

to coexist. Although during his life on earth they managed to come to the truth that

everyone’s equal.

Is there a fashion in construction

the crypts?

– Fashion for crypts? – asks Ivan Brave,

senior researcher of the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and source studies

The national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. – All surviving crypts in flannelette, for example, as a rule,

eternal peace

Modern ritual firms also offer

to make a crypt of marble or granite. The Internet has managed to find a couple of

modern projects. This may be the stele “framed by cliffs”, the crypts in the form

arches, columns, “mausoleum of red granite or white marble.” Most importantly,

all this “represents beauty, architectural integrity and eternal calm”.

(Apparently, the drafters wanted to write “peace.”) To do this “eternal beauty in

the stone” and maybe $50 thousand and $100 thousand

In one of the Donetsk firm

the manufacture of burial vaults, we were told that now the demand for crypts growing. Even

conducted economic calculations: in pit 5 by 3 m it is possible to “put”

only preserved in the Kiev of old crypts, it’s difficult to tell. Even professionals

don’t know the numbers. It is known that the old Polish and German tombs still

left on flannelette near cemeteries.

On the contrary flannelette

Church there are several old graves. In the summer, when blossoms foliage, their

is virtually invisible. There is an old Shrine in a Gothic style, so his

mini replica of the Catholic Cathedral. A few old buildings dug into the mountain.

To determine to what time they belong to, it is difficult – almost all dates are erased.

There are only a few names – a family of Diatlovichi, Alexander and Maria

Tyshkevichi, Vaclav and Natalia Mountain, honorary citizens of Kiev Michael and Agrippina

Matveevy. One of the latest burials in the tomb dates back to 1922. On

really coffins inside buildings anymore, what with them, nobody knows.

The tombs are like little houses, their sizes are about 2 to 4 m, height

2-2,5 m. to Determine their style is quite difficult. There are Gothic, classic

columns, the crypt, similar to the synagogue. There are reminiscent of pseudo-Russian style – with

small “onion domes” on top and seemingly over-hyped proportions.

Flannelette a few years ago, even built new vaults. Nothing special,

just a square concrete structures. Apparently, it was assumed that the one who

interested, myself and carry them finish. But, unfortunately, have not yet been found

those wishing to take a family crypt.

According to the Director of Flannelette

cemeteries of Andrei Nikiforovich of Uchimsya, before the family tradition of Kiev were

other. It is rare when the grieving widow again married, and after the death of her too

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