Mysterious structures

Stonehenge — creation of another civilization

Although most scientists believe that Stonehenge was built in the era of the birth of the bronze age (between 1900 and 1600 BC), though there are researchers who attribute this mysterious construction to much more ancient times.

Stonehenge was built by an unknown ancient civilization

This unique structure in the UK has no analogues neither in the country nor in the world. Written about him many articles and books, in Stonhenge excavated, studied, put forward about its origin and purpose of dozens of hypotheses. But now you can’t firmly say that mystery stonhenge disclosed.

The researchers, who suggest that Stonehenge was built by an unknown ancient civilization, pay attention to a number of facts that still require explanation. First, in the period to which many scholars attribute the construction of stonhenge in the area had a small population, and in the construction of this facility had to participate if not hundreds, then certainly tens of thousands of people. But they still had to organize, to unite by a common idea. Who can solve this difficult task with the current then a low level of civilization?

Secondly, rocks (dolerite, rhyolite and volcanic tuff) for the construction of stonhenge could start in only one place in England — in Wales, in the mountains of Preseli, near the coast of Bristol Bay. And it is 210 km from project stonhenge! What determined the choice of these rocks and how, on the level of development the builders were able to conduct the transport 80 stones with a combined weight of four hundred tons, at such a considerable distance? It is worth remembering that the largest stone weighed almost 50 tons. The stones were not only delivered, but also carefully polished, and, according to some researchers, this grinding is not like manual work.

Thirdly, who and why it took such a monumental structure? I believe that it could be an astronomical Observatory of priests-druids, but it is doubtful that the latter could arrange for the construction of such a large army of workers. Scientists have calculated that for the construction of Stonehenge took half a million man-days of physical labor.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the concepts and calculations of some researchers, in Stonhenge encrypted information, which hardly possessed the priests-the druids, for example the speed of light, atomic structure and even the location of chemical elements in the periodic table.


What with this structure is not so simple, as suggested by a number of scholars, say various anomalous phenomena . what is happening around him. For example, in February 1954, one photos the count took the pictures of stonhenge, and having developed the film, found that stones from the structures left in the sky, light columns.

Tourists often hear the stones a strange clicking or buzzing mysterious, as if the building hung an invisible helicopter. Over Stonhenge have seen UFOs . in 1977, over it hung even a whole squadron of “plates”, it even managed to shoot.

Expressed even an assumption that Stonehenge is a kind of cosmic beacon for alien ships.

It’s hard to explain and mysterious case of the boy who became a victim of its unpretentious experiment. The boy built of wire some semblance of an Egyptian cross with a loop on the end and touched them to the stone. The young experimenter then fell like a rock, losing consciousness. Almost six months he could not move his hands, they were paralyzed.

Next to Stonhenge and then there are the mysterious circles and pictograms in the margins and inside the stone ring refuse to work the compasses and other devices. Here there are obvious signs of the anomalous zone. Only it is not clear whether Stonehenge notes this anomalous zone . whether he makes it abnormal.


The construction of this megalithic complex, various researchers tried to “attach” the Egyptians, Atlanteans and even. aliens . So who actually built a unique monument? There is a hypothesis . that Stonehenge had been inherited from some ancient unknown civilization that died during the next global cataclysm. In connection with this hypothesis believe that it could be built even tens of thousands of years ago.

Inside the stone ring refuse to work the compasses and other devices

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