The meaning of the word structure. What is the construction?

Water intake structure

Water intake structure, water intake, waterworks, taking water from the source of supply (river, lake, reservoir, etc.) for the purposes of hydropower, water supply, irrigation, etc.

TSB. — 1969-1978

Intake structures (also known as the water-intake facility — OVC, or capture of) — facilities for water intake from the source, consisting of a number of major engineering facilities: water supply unit with the station of the first lift.

Water INTAKE STRUCTURE — water intake, – hydrotechnics. structure, taking water from an open body of water (river, lake, reservoir) for hydropower (Fig. 1), water supply, irrigation, etc.

Big encyclopedic Polytechnical dictionary

Protecting structure

Protection STRUCTURE – Gidrotekh. facilities to protect the waters from the waves, currents, sediment transport, ice flow. Distinguish EXT. and EXT. O. S. Outer have on Moore. outside, the contour enclosing the waters of the…

Protective structures, hydraulic engineering structures for the protection of harbours and outposts from exposure to waves and, in some cases, ice and sediment.

TSB. — 1969-1978

Protective structure – a hydraulic structure to protect the port waters or the shoreline from the waves, sediments and ice.


Hydraulic structure is a structure for use of water resources, and to combat the harmful effects of water. In accordance with the Federal law “On safety of hydrotechnical installations” hydraulic structures — dams.

Hydraulic structures, structures, designed for the use of water resources (rivers, lakes, seas and groundwater) or to control destructive effect of water.

TSB. — 1969-1978

Waterworks — a complex of water supply facilities. The development of mankind significantly depended on developments in the field of construction of hydraulic structures…

Prokhorov B. B. human Ecology. – 2005

Drainage structures

Drainage facilities a system of drains (pipes, boreholes, underground galleries, etc. devices), designed to collect and drain groundwater from facilities. Unlike drainage of agricultural lands…

TSB. — 1969-1978

DRAINAGE FACILITIES — a system of drains, it is intended. for the collection and removal of groundwater from facilities for the purpose of drainage of an array of structures, protection against penetration of water, hardening of the base, reducing the filtration. pressure on the structure.

Big encyclopedic Polytechnical dictionary

Underground structures

Underground constructions. Selection of architectural and planning solutions. the method of construction, type of construction and mounting, waterproofing, air conditioning system, etc. is determined mainly by the appointment of PS

TSB. — 1969-1978

Underground structures (a. underground structures; B. unterirdische Bauwerke; f. ouvrages souterrains; I. instalaciones subterraneas) – object prom. c.-x. cultural, defense and utility…

Geological dictionary. – 1978

Underground structures — the objects of industrial, agricultural, cultural, defense and utility, created in the depths of the soil mass.



Structures, subsection “Construction” includes engineering and construction objects, the purpose of which is to create the conditions necessary for the implementation of the production process by performing various technical functions…

Djaarbekov S. Dictionary: accounting, tax, business law

Facilities. Subsection “Construction” includes engineering and construction objects, the purpose of which is to create the conditions necessary for the implementation of the production process by performing various technical functions…

Business dictionary

CONSTRUCTION – the real estate group in the classification of fixed assets, representing engineering objects, designed to perform General functions of the production process (wells, roads, bridges, etc.).

Dictionary of Economics and law. – 2005

Examples of the use of the word structure

The ancient structure stands on an impregnable cliff, on three sides washed by the river.

Very glad that there was such a colossal structure, such as the swimming pool.

For example, in 2012, decorated 554 permits for the construction of new facilities with an area of 8.1 million sq

Kind of laying the first stone took place on may 21 at the place where a building is constructed.

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