Planet of mysteries

Planet riddles — the top 5 most unexplained places of the world

In an age of high technology, where all the mysteries of nature and acts of human hands, it seems, can be easily explained, there were still a lot of places, the origin of which causes in a loss to scratch the top of her head even a hoary light of science. About the construction techniques of our ancestors we actually know surprisingly little. Among the least understood — how the millennial (and obviously primitive) structure with success, still stand today, despite wars, earthquakes and fires, and the “masterpieces” of modern architects give a Deposit, cracks and other deterioration within a few decades after passing the queue. These experiences we decided to devote our today’s digest. So, where on Earth you can see the most mysterious, mystical and inexplicable sights.

The Pyramids Of Giza

Giants of Easter island

Giant statues of “moai” carved from stone — the main cause of tourist interest lost on the edge of the world to Easter island. Just on the island around 900 statues, most located near the volcano rano Raraku. The moai standing along the coast looking at the island. It is difficult to say what is their mission, but about the history of their origin is written hundreds of books, films, and the clues are still there. Someone believes that they were brought to the island by aliens, while others believe that such statues could only have been giant people, 3-4 meters tall. Another version — these statues came to the island, but subsequently lost the ability to walk and remained here forever.


The great wall of China

Perhaps, in the world no civilized person who has not heard about the “eighth world wonder” great wall of China. It stretches from Liaodong Bay North-East of Beijing through Northern China to the Gobi desert. There are several opinions about its exact length, but what we can say for sure is that it stretches for a distance of over two thousand kilometers, and given the other extending from its ramparts, the amount obtained by all 6000-6500 km According to the official version, the construction of the great wall began in 220 years before our era by order of the ruler of Qin-Shi Huangdi. A wall was built three times, in a period of 2700 years, and died during its construction, approximately two million people. However, some scientists today wonder: was it possible in the conditions of Ancient China the construction of this gigantic monument.

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