Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Who built the pyramids for the Egyptians?

Could the ancient Egyptians to erect their own giant pyramids and palaces? People who only read about these structures in the history books, I guess: Yes. But many of those who have been in this country, and wander, for example, along the valley of Giza, no doubt. Too impressive these structures, even on their construction, as expected, worked tens of thousands of slaves.

According to the version of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, by the way, who visited Egypt before writing this novel, all the local ancient structures were built by the Atlanteans. And Doyle, the confessions of his contemporaries, like his famous character-the detective possessed a brilliant analytical skills.

The Sphinx is older than 5,000 years?

What based its findings Conan Doyle is not clear. But he now has many followers. For example, the head of the Laboratory of alternative history Andrey SKLYAROV, who has repeatedly been in Egypt, argues that most of the local monuments of history really created by the representatives of the ancient precivilization:

– You can call them the Atlanteans, aliens, some different, but all traces of them in Egypt an incredible amount. It is strange that Egyptologists had not paid attention to it. Although now I get the impression that the Egyptians guess about something, but carefully concealed secret.

– If possible, concrete examples.

Please let’s start with the great Sphinx. Classic Egyptology claims that it was built during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu or his son – about 2.5 thousand years before our era – on the grounds that their “artistic features” can be attributed to the era. But even a century and a half ago in Giza was found a so-called “Inventory Stela”, which indicates that Khufu commanded to repair the damaged statue. To repair, not build!

And in the early 90s, American geologist Robert Schoch has proved that the striations on the body of the Sphinx and on the wall of the trench around it – the traces of the erosion of wind and rain: vertical stripes instead of horizontal. But severe rains in Egypt have been at least 8 thousand years.

Immediately after the publication of Schoch, the Egyptian government has started an urgent restoration of the Sphinx. Now the bottom two-thirds of the monument are closed new masonry, and the top of the sculpture of the bare – almost no traces of erosion left. By the way, about this same time, was hidden in the vaults of the Cairo Museum and the “Inventory Stela” – prior to that it was exhibited to the public, and now instead put another. In response to inquiries about the stele, the Museum only puzzled shrug. And she repeatedly described in the scientific and so-called alternative literature.

Ruled by the gods.

According to Andrey Sklyarov, something built and the ancient Egyptians themselves. But their buildings they had erected on the basis of ancient buildings.

– This is clearly seen on the pyramids – which are made by hand and which with the help of high-precision tools, – says Andrey. – Moreover, many ancient buildings resemble bunkers – semi-underground buildings on which the pharaohs built their pyramids, trying to copy the ancients. And the original pyramids, built by a prehistoric civilization, was only 6 – 7: three in Giza, two in Assure and one in Meduna. Perhaps another was at Abu Roash, but it is not clear whether the pyramid, or the bunker. And other pyramid is completed by the pharaohs of ancient structures that originally was a typical bunkers. With such powerful beams that otherwise as a refuge in case of nuclear war and not be called. However, it is not clear why and who he could threaten. But war explains the disappearance of precivilization.

– And why, in addition to the buildings, no other physical evidence?

– Why didn’t you stay? For example, in the Giza desert we came across what looked like rail dust. Took samples and brought to Moscow. It turned out that this iron oxide with high content of manganese. The percentage corresponds to high-alloyed manganese steels which are currently used in tanks and trucks at the rock crusher. For many years, this extremely durable steel could turn to dust in the desert, where for 8 thousand years haven’t had a decent rain.

– What a mysterious civilization has left us with these artifacts?

– There are different versions. Someone who adheres to the theory that it was in Atlanta, someone talks about the colonists from other worlds. When they came to Earth, hard to say, but the heyday of their power to define you. At the beginning of the third century BC Egyptian historian Manetho published his “History of Egypt”. To our time it is completely not survived, but excerpts are mentioned in the writings of other historians of the first Millennium ad. Manetho compiled a chronological list of rulers of the country. Classic Egyptology recognizes only “dynastic piece”, in which we are talking about famous pharaohs-the people. But Manetho tells about the first Kingdom, when Egypt was supposedly ruled by the gods. It was about 10 – 12 thousand years ago, long before the first known pharaohs.

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