Five mysterious places in Russia

Five mysterious places in Russia

Our planet has many mysterious places, which, by its nature, be cursed, sacred or wonderful. Such speculations are unfounded. In such places, sometimes wonderful things happen that rationally explain the almost impossible. The presence of mysterious places in Russia are not that rare – there are not a dozen, but now would like to tell you about five most amazing and strange of them.

The Ghost town of Arkaim

Near Chelyabinsk there is the fortress, which is often called the “Ural” Stonehenge. But today scientists can’t determine who and for what purpose built this ancient settlement. Until our days here are preserved remains of streets, buildings, water supply, metallurgical furnaces and mines. The city of Arkaim was abandoned more than 4 thousand years ago, and before his departure, the people had completely burnt their dwellings, and this fact must be some logical explanation.

One of those people who were able to visit the arch, argue that in this city inhabited by ghosts. Tell that one girl who worked on the excavation of the city, suddenly heard a strange voice calling her in the center of the city. The girl obeyed that call and went there alone. The girl returned in a hysterical state, she said she saw the spirits of residents. In a normal mental state of the girl and it came contained in a psychiatric hospital. She constantly claims that this area is constantly guarded by the dead who don’t want their peace disturbed.

The Village Molebka

Is the village Molebka in the Perm region. It is known fact that there are very often observed different types of UFOs. In form, these objects resemble “plates”, “sphere”, “dumbbells”, glowing balls of different colors. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw how the earth moved with a strange black figures, which were living beings. People with especially sensitive psyche came into telepathic contact with aliens.

In these places once housed the mines. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that there is a strong magnetic radiation, which affects the readings on the brain and people. But that the mystery of these places may be resolved, few believe. Some of UFOlogy believe that this area aliens use as a “staging base”.

Blue-stone and lake Pleshcheevo.

Not far from Pereslavl-Zalesskiy can be seen inconspicuous-looking boulder dark grey. Boulder has its own name – his name is Blue-stone, and legend has it he can grant wishes of asylum. From all corners of the country people would come to this stone with their requests. During the struggle with paganism stone buried deep in the ground, but after a century and a half stone surfaced. Then the Church authorities decided to use it for the Foundation of the bell tower.

In the winter it was decided to move him to a sledge on the ice of lake Plesheevo. But the ice of the lake could not withstand such a large gravity, and the boulder fell into the water at a depth of five meters. Even while under water, the boulder continued its movement. After some time, he was the foot of arilines mountains, where it can be seen today.

Today, reasonable versions that can explain the nature of the movement of the huge boulder, no. Scientists are constantly carrying out measurements and confirm that the movement is, but to “catch” them did not succeed.

Medveditsky ridge

This anomalous zone, which is located between Volgograd and Saratov areas, and represents a chain of mountains with a height of 380 meters. Within this area is the so-called “devil’s lair”. On this territory constantly observed the appearance of ball lightning. The trees that grow there, often charred, and the grass burned like fire. It is said that in 1900 in the heart of a Fucking lair burned to death the shepherd, who sat down to rest in this place. He was found a few days later, and identified with much difficulty, as his body is almost nothing left. The traces of fire, which could explain the cause of death was found.

To determine the nature of abnormal processes that occur in this place, it is impossible. Some say that this is the consequence of ancient magic, and the other that the alien visits, and someone thinks that this area is over the physical fields in the world that affect the appearance of ball lightning. Mysterious phenomenon Medveditsky ridge is still excites the minds of scientists, as well as other mysterious places of Russia.

Novokhopyorsky anomalous zone

The city is located in the Novokhopersk Voronezh region. Near this town is an unusual area called Gelter. In this zone, participants in one of the expeditions managed to capture on film the events of times past that have appeared in this place out of nowhere. On photos grafiek to see people in army uniform near tents, and aircraft. The researchers, who were engaged in the analysis of these materials, believe that this happened here during the great Patriotic war. In these places since I was in the front line.

Some believe that the earth itself has retained a “memory” about the events of those times, and under certain conditions their projects. In this hard to believe. But the fact remains – such paintings were able to see many, and to consider the phenomenon of fiction cannot.

Maybe someone of you have visited these places, and observed phenomena that cannot be explained. But don’t be such mysteries and phenomena, our lives would be bland and uninteresting.

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