Curtains, as a reflection of ancient times

Whether ancient white stone buildings, or important enough for us year of the reign of John 4 is still! In the domestic architecture seen is quite noticeable similarity.

Church buildings and cathedrals have always been especially charming. The aspiration to the firmament and brilliant proportions, the Majesty of weightlessness and stunned and will always stun people.

By the way, designs in a larger quantity cases impossible look festive and beautiful. At the expense of what? It’s all in the details of decor and various decorations. Just as important, and surrounding landscape, which always perfectly fits the structure.

Based on this, we better stick to the ways and the rules of the simulation while sewing curtains.

The weightlessness, the lightness, the aspiration to the sky are the main properties of the ideal model of curtains.

You should take into account that in the year of our distant ancestors were ideally developed by people pottery, and filigree, miniature paintings and various carvings on wood or stone.

By the way, we most likely would apply in the interior, especially in the decoration of cornice boards.

After all, we could take any baguette from wood or carved from stone beam with a niche, to address to elegant the wrought cornice or use ordinary hooks, decorate them with enamel or multiple. lacquer accents and to finally get not only a beautiful decoration of our interior, but also unique in their design work.

Arches often were bright identification mark of our buildings.

Even if the window is rectangular, to facilitate the design, you can take an arched cornice. You will be interested in the design of curtains .

In the 16th century window frames in houses were not very large dimensions, even on the contrary – they were small.

Because it does not weigh down the environment, do not plug bulky heavy items, or do not use them in too large quantities. Use wall textiles, bedspreads and table cloths.

Use traditional embroidery or lace. This will create the appearance of a white stone carving.

You should use the help of colors, the most typical domestic styling.

It is primarily red, gold, white and black.

For plant and flower ornaments, use green.

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