Milan Cathedral in Italy

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Milan Cathedral in Italy

Landmarks of Italy has always aroused great interest from visitors from always around the world. One of them is carefully designed, the grandiose Gothic Cathedral on the main square of Milan – the Italian city of fashion. The Duomo di Milano . or simply Duomo di Milano is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is the second largest Catholic Church and one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world. If you look at the town plan with streets emanating from the Cathedral and its surrounding, it becomes clear that this is one of the main facilities and attractions of Milan .

Milan Cathedral was built on the site, on which for several centuries were two of the Basilica. In 1075 year they were both destroyed by fire, it was therefore agreed in their place to build the Duomo di Milano.

Construction works began in 1386 and continued for several centuries. The main spire was erected in 1762, together with a statue of the Madonna, which had dedicated the temple. The main volume of all building work was completed in 1880.

Recently, the Milan Cathedral was fundamentally reconstructed. Reconstruction works were finally completed in 2009, and updated the facade of the temple appeared in all its glory. The Duomo di Milano is the second Catholic-capacity Cathedral in the world, only Seville Cathedral is larger. The length of the Church is 157 meters, it can comfortably host up to 40 thousand people.

Above the altar of the Cathedral is a nail that was brought allegedly from the crucifixion of Christ. The main attraction inside the Cathedral and in the heart of every inhabitant of Milan is the Golden sculpture of Milan’s patron Saint Madonna. Review of roof structures – the most beautiful and spectacular in the entire city. On the top of Milan Cathedral are accessible by a lift or a special ladder on the North wall of the temple. Only here you can see what a beautiful Milan, and indeed Italy as a whole.

The main attractions of Milan Cathedral include the wooden choir, the mausoleum of Gian Giacomo Medici, Egyptian bath 4th century, which is used as a baptismal font. Is also impressive and the sculpture of the Martyr of St. Bartholomew, which at the time had been skinned alive.

Like most other Gothic cathedrals, the Duomo was crowned with a vast number of sculptures. Many of them are quite remarkable: for example, the female figure on the Central balcony of the facade of the temple is considered the prototype of the statue of Liberty in new York .

Among the statues of the Cathedral looks amazing sculpture by the great Kievan Duke Vladimir Monomakh. The Duomo di Milano is known for its stained-glass Windows that were created over several centuries. The most ancient of them are now more than 500 years, the latter was created in 1988. And the famous organs of the Church include 13 registers 180 and 200 tubes.

Trim details, white marble and exceptional materials together with a light pinkish shade inside the building attach the Milan Cathedral a special charm. It is the Milan Cathedral can be called the Acme of perfection in the Italian Gothic style.

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