Gothic roof in Belarus

Gothic roof in Belarus


When it comes to elegantly-simple splendor of Gothic architecture, most immediately have an Association with the European middle Ages. Few people know that in neighboring Belarus are no less interesting architectural works created by masters in the Gothic style. Catholic churches appeared on this glorious earth around XIVc. and become its decoration. If you want to know where you can find Gothic roof in Belarus, offer you to familiarize with the description of the locations of the most beautiful Belarusian Catholic churches. But first a few words about the difference between Gothic roofs from its predecessors.

Differences of Gothic roofs

Gothic in Belarus

Traces of restrained Gothic style can be observed in some of the iconic architectural structures, which are still preserved in the small Belorussian town of Gniezno, the Gain and Ishkoldi. Tell you about them in order…

Gniezno. Gniezno single-nave Roman Catholic Church built of red brick with strict observance of the rules of Gothic masonry. The Church apse is completed walled and located in the center of the main facade is an octagonal tower. Around the perimeter structure of the buttresses. After the erection of the walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful ornate 25-meter tower in the form of a quadrangle, rolling in an elongated octagon. The architecture of this magnificent structure clearly demonstrates the main features of the late Gothic. High strength thick walls of the Church of St. Michael allowed him to survive all the enemy siege of the war years. Most colorfully testifies stuck in the masonry cannonballs.

The Church Of St. Casimir, Gain

The gain. In this small agricultural town that was once a village, is the oldest of all surviving churches in Belarus. The Church was about g. Analogues of this monument of Gothic does not exist practically throughout the former Soviet Union (similar temple there except in Estonia). Its exterior is quite restrained. Extended lines of facades with Windows and soaring. Door delicate ironwork and stucco half-columns are almost the only ornaments of the Church. For all time of existence of this majestic structure was subjected to repeated changes. And in 1986. in the Church there was a fire, the result of which were destroyed the vaults and the roof. Withstood the trial by fire only the ancient walls, laid the true Gothic masonry. After the fire the ruins of the temple was restored and conveyed to the faithful.

The Church Of The Holy Trinity Iskold

Ishkoldi. A masterpiece of Belarusian Gothic is Trinity Church in ishkold, Brest region (at the intersection of the borders of Minsk, Brest and Grodno regions). Dates back to the construction according to one g. while other g. According to legend the place for the construction of the Church was highly revered by local residents. According to assumptions of historians, in ancient times there was located a pagan temple. Built in Iskalde the Church is an architectural and historical monument of the late Gothic. As an important historical and cultural value it was included in the State register of the Republic of Belarus. Covered with a gable roof, the Catholic Church concludes with apse. The Gothic style is clearly readable in the Lancet Windows and arches, made in the form of stars and crosses. Throughout its existence, the Church has never been significantly restructured and has reached our times almost intact.

Proudly towering in the hospitable Belarusian land of Gothic cathedrals, with their unique features for centuries today are worthy of the superimposed historical mission, attracting the attention of fans of country travel.

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