Ancient stone fingers stretching to the sky and stretching for several kilometers, complexes of stone structures older than 10 thousand years. Its existence they lead us to ask: “How was it done? What is behind this? They are made to be seen from the sky? And who in those days could fly, if not aliens?”.

Gods, which is written in a huge number of myths, really existed! I will prove it.


Helmet and bag. The image itself is called “dragon Monolith”.

Note the boots of that creature. The statue itself was found in Egypt in one of the temples of the Egyptian gods. These even boots design.

The electrical appliances.

In these figures is seen the so-called Baghdad battery was found during excavations of the ancient city.

It is so very modern lines reminiscent of.


The holders of the throne.

Here you can see the mechanism that (in my opinion) reguliruet position for the throne.

The mechanism of Antikythera – all that remains of the existed several thousand years ago the incomprehensible mechanism.

Flying machine.

Sumerian frescos. Shows the start of a flying car.

Flying cart is depicted with wings. India.

The image of one of the characters Maya flying inside the structure.

Another Sumerian fresco. These machines were flying within earth’s atmosphere.

Again the Sumerians, the image of a flying God.

and this is Egypt.

This picture is already highly acclaimed. The image is “Helicopter”, “Plane”, below the design resembles a wig, and above something like a tank.


Apparently the gods who lived next door to the Aztecs in modern Mexico, was very fond of this device, how else to explain that almost every 2 the mural is depicted the miracle of divine engineering.


It is of course difficult to prescribe for technology, but in the picture it just looks technologically advanced. It becomes clear why and them on the head “the ball”.

Technology snakes.

As I were not there – and can’t imagine what it is. However, we also see the technology of the “gods”. At last my “reasoning” is a biological generators. while it is generally difficult to say something.


Where did the myths about the giants? Science is not yet known, but numerous Egyptian murals give a sense of what they were.

In Egypt, in 1890, archaeologists found a stone sarcophagus-stone coffin inside, which was six-foot redhead mummy women and infant (photos below)

Big head.

This feature, not only the growth of distinguished us from the giants. Forms on the statues and the skulls can be concluded that the people they were not similar.

The outlines of the creatures are more known to ufologists as “gray”.

Sumerian “Lumberjack”.

The outline of the face of the “serpent”

“Serpent” in full growth.

Battle of the gods.

Honestly the information on the frescoes, very few, but in the myths I pieces 7 count. It seems in India was last – so I assumed from the text of the Mahabharata. Here in the frescoes and in the myths, however some managed to find.

Battle of Giants and gods who defeat you guessed it.

Battle dragons and dump on. The Sumerians.

And how is that you ask. but. “The steppe rides Ruslan and notices in the distance a huge hill. Having approached closer, in the moonlight he sees that it’s not a hill but a living head in a powerful helmet with feathers, which tremble from her snoring.”

And since Pushkin most likely took this image from the epics, then make conclusions.

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