Gothic cathedrals

Chartres. France.

Chartres is a small town located on the banks of the river Aire, in the North of France. 83 km from Paris .

The main attraction of the city is santorski the Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary) .

Notre-Dame in Chartres is considered one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe.

The Cathedral, in which was kept the precious relics of our lady, enjoyed the special patronage of Louis IX, who gave the Cathedral a large window-rose.

Chartres is one of the few Gothic cathedrals in France. which has preserved almost unchanged the glazing.

Inside the Cathedral expensive furnishings and amazing stained glass Windows (176 units) with an area of about 2600 square meters is the largest of the extant ensembles of stained glass of that era.

The Cathedral dedicated to the virgin Mary and many of the motifs of the stained-glass Windows connected with her cult, but there are also images from the New and old Testament scenes from the life of kings, knights, artisans who donated money to the temple.

The temple has one of the most precious relics of Christianity – the Intercession of the virgin Mary.

Cathedral Notre Dame. Chartres. France.

According to one of the most common versions, the relic was in Chartres due to the French king, Charles II, who donated it back to the recovered temple. According to legend, this cover was on the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

Stay in the cover of Chartres is credited with many miraculous events, but the most impressive of them looks amazing rescue of the casket, which contained the Cover, during the three-day fire of 1194, which destroyed almost the entire Cathedral. Immediately after the fire of Chartres began construction of a new Cathedral, which eclipsed all previous buildings. In addition to the Cover, until the XVIII century the Cathedral was kept the head of the virgin mother – Saint Anne, and a very ancient and deeply revered wooden statue of the virgin Mary, bearing under her heart the child. It was one of the earliest images of the virgin, belonging probably to the first centuries of Christianity, and according to one version of the figurine had even pagan origin, associated with the cult of fertility and the goddess-mother.

At the end of the eighteenth century, in the turbulent times of revolutions, figure died in the fire.

Rich external and internal decoration of the Cathedral has a total of about 10 thousand sculptural images.

The Notre Dame Cathedral. Chartres. France.

In the center of the Cathedral floor is made in the form inscribed in a circle of “labyrinth” – figure of a laying of coloured stones, which are partly preserved. The labyrinth dates back to about 1200 ad

Pilgrims had to pass this way on his knees in Church records he is called “the path to Jerusalem,” and symbolizes the way of human souls to the Heavenly Jerusalem, which is considered to be of Chartres Cathedral has an invisible connection.

Behind the Cathedral opens panorama of the city and fields.

The hill on which stands the Cathedral, surrounded by a ring of boulevards along the line of the former city fortifications.

The construction of boulevards kept visible features of the middle Ages – residential buildings, starting from the XII century remains of medieval walls with gates.

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