The most mysterious photos in history

Ten of the most mysterious in the history of images that have become the subject of heated debate

Someone has calculated that every year is about a trillion photo of the graph. Photos grafirovanie – perhaps one of the most important interests of humanity.

The reason for this popularity lies on the surface. Pictures help, on the one hand, as if to stop time, and on the other, are very affordable and easy form of saving memories. Of course, to do “real” pictures, which can be called works of art afford a little photo graphs, real professionals of this simple, at first glance, the case. However, every year, with the development of photo devices, do the usual, average quality images is becoming easier. Simply point the camera to the place you want to remove, and click.

Who were the people in the skyscraper

One of the most famous images in the history of photo graphy considered photo Distribution Group climber, calm breakfast on the steel girder a few hundred meters above the streets of New York. Despite the fact that it is much more than the others replicated photo list, put together about him almost nothing is known.

For example, still do not know who has done this photo Count? Authorship was attributed to many years of Lewis Hine, but recent studies have shown that it is not.

The most likely Candidate – Charles Ebbets, who led the photo department at Rockefeller center, but the author may well have advertisers Thomas Kelly and William Leftwich, as well as other photo columns.

The second mystery – one with photo grafirovan on the New York skyscraper? To date, only two established names of heroes of the famous photo . In 2012, it was shown that two fitters called Joseph Eknerom and Joe Curtis. The names of two more – Matty O’Shaughnessy and Patrick Glynn allegedly set. However, the names of the seven remaining high altitude is still shrouded in mystery. Every year more and more difficult to identify them.

Who was the first person who got on photo a picture?

In 1838, a Parisian decided to clean shoes on the Boulevard du Temple and accidentally got into the story. At that moment, Louis Daguerre, who was then experimenting with his famous daguerreotype, was on the roof of the house next door and rented out.

To set the shutter speed, it took seven minutes. All this time the Parisian stood and waited their turn. As a result, he became the first man in the history of photo graphy hitting a shot. But despite this about him is not known. It is not known even then, if he was a Parisian and whether he finally clean shoes.

When was the first color image?

In 1861, Thomas Sutton and James Clerk Maxwell shot plaid ribbon through the green, red and blue filters, after which they were combined into a single shots. Thus was born the color photo graphite, although perhaps it happened 10 years earlier.

In the winter 1851 edition of the first in the world of professional photo magazine Daguerreian letter arrived. Its author – the Reverend Levi Hill claimed that he was able to make color images with the help of a device called “hillotip.”

Hill wrote that soon reveals his invention. However, many times he pushes back the date of the event. After a while it began to be called a fraud. After that, he disappeared. Most of it has not been heard.

What happened to the photo Graf Alex Gardner of the Civil War?

The American Civil War was the first widely imprinted on the photo film by armed conflict. In many respects this is due to Alex Gardner.

Perhaps, even in America, not everyone knows that name. However, everyone is familiar with his work: pictures of those killed in the Battle of Antietam, photo Graphite execution of the conspiracy to assassinate President Liknolna, a portrait of Lincoln on the eve of the murder. He owns the best photo graphy battlefields of the Civil War, although getting any fame mainly emu1 employer.

After the death of Gardner turned out that most of his negatives disappeared. Fortunately, another photo Earl was able to find them in 1893. It is considered one of the greatest discoveries in the history of photo graphy. However, soon after discovering they were gone again. No one today knows their fate. Some, of course, could get into the museum collection, but the vast majority of disappeared.

Joke with “George”

Battleship “George” was built in the shipyards of the Confederation and launched in 1863. Less than two years later the southerners flooded, so it does not fall into the hands of northerners.

For many years it was believed that there remained no pictures of the battleship. However, in the mid-80s of the last century, John Potter saw the picture on sale “Georgia.” He failed to buy it because it did not have the money asked for photo the owner. Therefore Potter photo grafiroval it and send to your friends historians. After everyone agreed that it was “Ga”, the original … disappeared. Its owner vanished into thin air.

Snapshot picture battleship became legendary because it was the only picture “Georgia.” Last year, the United States Army Corps of Engineers announced a large-scale search for the original image, but in April this year, John Potter admitted that he played all that fame. Any original image of the battleship “Georgia” does not exist.

A mysterious family of Margate

In 2015, the National Museum of Scotland purchased the collection of vintage photo Graphite Victorian era. Most were the usual random shots of anonymous men in suits and women with stern faces. However, a few pictures stand out from the crowd. These were the images of the same family, relax in the Kent town of Margate. With the emergence of more and more photo Graphite their heroes growing up and growing old. It was an exciting experience – the study of the history of one family.

Names of people who regularly photo grafirovali for a long time unknown. It is only known that the shooting of their professional photo by the name of Earl W. Calder.

Women Grim Sleeper

It is believed that a serial killer nicknamed the Grim Sleeper killed in the Los Angeles area for a quarter century, at least 11 people. While there is a theory that the number of victims is much higher.

During the arrest of the last suspect – Lonnie Franklin, whose trial will take place this summer at his home found St. 180 photo Graphite women. Most were made in the house or car. Many women are asleep, unconscious or dead. By the way, the only surviving victim of the Grim Sleeper’s claims that he first shot her, then with the photo grafiroval in the car.

The pictures were published in 2010. Over the years, the names of almost all women in the photo set, but a few still remain anonymous.

The truth behind the falling soldier image

Photos Robert Capa, which filmed the incident and wounded soldiers Republican, is considered one of the most famous images of the Civil War in Spain. It is not only the most famous, but also the most controversial picture. Even now it is unknown whether the photo real or staging.

Supporters of both versions lead to his advantage a lot of arguments. An analysis conducted in 2009 by the Spanish magazine El Periodico, seem possible to establish the place. The picture was taken near the town of Espejo in. However, we know that the picture was published three weeks before near the town began heavy fighting. In addition, the collection of negatives Capa discovered in the mid-90s, there were some negatives staged pictures taken them around the same time. This suggests that the most famous picture of photo is a graph staging.

On the other hand, the experts of the International Centre photo graphy believe that the picture is genuine. There’s even a version that was originally meant to be a snapshot of staging, but in the process of filming his hero really hurt an enemy sniper.

Tourist shaking hands with Ronald Reagan in Red Square

During a visit in 1988 to Moscow Ronald Reagan walked through Red Square to mingle with ordinary Soviet people. Photos Count from the White House to the photo grafiroval as American president shaking hands with the boy.

Popularity shot brought the blond tourist, who was standing nearby. There’s even a version that is young, Vladimir Putin.

For the first time this version sounded in 2009. Moscow immediately denied it, saying that he was at that time in Dresden. However, the author of photo – Pete Souza believes that Putin shot.

Unnamed victims of the Khmer Rouge

During the reign of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia has been committed so many crimes. One of the most terrible is the camp S21, housed in a former school. For four years, Pol Pot regime through the former school have been about 17 thousand. Man. Less than 10 survived.

Camp guards S21 photo grafirovali prisoners for private affairs. Many of the victims are now known only through these pictures. Who knows about 6 thousand. Pictures of prisoners, but since almost all the pictures have been taken out of the folder with personal affairs most of the victims have not yet been identified.

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