Domenico Qualia

Qualia Domenico – painter of the Gothic cathedrals, tour operators in Germany offer last minute in September

Johann Domenicus Qualo (Domenico Qualia) is not only one of famous German architects who worked in the style of romanticism, but also a talented painter, engraver and lithographer. Tour operators in Germany provide an opportunity for everyone to see his work not only on the streets, and in museums.


Domenico Qualo born January 1, 1787. in Munich in a family of talented people. His father, Giuseppe Qualo, was a famous architect and artist.

The science of architecture and painting Domenico Qualo first studied with his father, and then entered the Munich Academy of arts. There his teachers were Hesse and Mettenleiter.

In g. Domenico Quello was appointed decorator of the court theatre in Munich. And in the period from 1808 to 1814 worked as a court theater artist, doing scenic and architectural decorations.

Qualia traveled extensively in Europe. He has traveled all over Germany. been to France. Switzerland. Italy. The Netherlands. In the travel Qualia sought inspiration for his paintings in which he portrayed mostly of the architectural structures of the middle ages. One of the first Domenico Qualo used lithography technique to create her works. However, after 1819. he was engaged in painting with oil paints.

Thanks the works of Domenico Qualia in which the smallest details are transferred to the appearance of the buildings, you can see how it looked in his time certain famous buildings and structures. Thanks to the extraordinary precision, his works include not only paintings, and to historical and architectural documents. Thanks to his paintings, art historians were able to learn, looked like the streets and squares of Munich before king Ludwig I decided to rebuild the city. But the Central place in the works of Qualia is still Gothic cathedrals.

Domenico Qualo was included in the composition of the members of the Berlin and Munich Academies of fine arts. In 1823. he became one of the founders of the first German Art Union.

Died Domenico Qualia April 9, 1837. in Hohenschwangau .

Tour operators in Germany will introduce you to the grandiose creation of Qualia

This creation is Hohenschwangau castle. Under his leadership, in 1832-gg. ruins of a fortress of the middle ages turned into a beautiful castle in neo-Gothic style.

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