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Ural traces of ancient civilizations

In Russia discovered the underground city last civilization

Many researchers of ancient civilization believe that in Russia there are no traces of ancient megalithic sites. However, expeditions of recent years, suggest otherwise. Everywhere from the Kola Peninsula to the Urals and further it is possible to detect not only the ruins of the great buildings of unknown ancient civilizations, but also a cyclopean underground objects. ©

Places of power. Arkaim

Alexander Koltypin . candidate of geological and mineralogical Sciences, who has dedicated many years to the study of unknown civilizations, believes that we still have many unique discoveries on the territory of Russia, which otherwise will allow you to look at our history.

Alexander Koltypin: — When I try and tell any organize joint research, while we had good relations with America, tried jointly American studies, since liaised with a number of specialists from America that are doing the same. Now, when they began worse within Russia to organize research, to explore the legacy of past civilizations.

Many people say, it will be easy to implement, more easily feasible to do, if such megalithic complex, if such an underground cave cities, megalithic complexes are on the territory of Russia. This question largely bewilders me, because I know that Israel is practically the whole consists of such complexes, Lebanon, Jordan, Malta, Sardinia and so on we go, Turkey, virtually the entire territory consists of such complex. In Russia they are known much less, although in recent years, thanks to the expedition “Kosmopoisk” in the area of Adygea is studied one underground facility, which, well, in my opinion, although it has a little different shape, well, in fact, it is the same piece of underground-terrestrial megalithic complex, which descends deep underground, such as smooth walls, mines, descending, expanding premises. Something similar we already have in Russia before it was Russia, now Russia, the Crimea. There is also the cave complex is very well developed, and I’m planning soon to go and see because he is very interest, though the fact that, for example, a Large Yazilikaya in Turkey, near this cave complex we’ve seen a huge number of tracks from roads in Neogene sediments, the traces of roads in the district of Bakhchisarai.

I have recently inspected photos grapheme in Karelia, Vottovaara – a place that some see as megalithic education. Here the expedition Sklyarov went there, believe that it is natural, but I, as a geologist, I tend that this megalithic education, at least for the photos gratiam I’ve seen. But recently, I have just returned, in August, was on an expedition in Bulgaria, in the area of Perperikon, one of the most famous ancient cities in Bulgaria. I saw this square pool is carved in stone at the top of Perperikon, he does not differ from that pool that is shown. so I think this is also one of the megalithic complexes. Some of these megalithic complexes, for example, mountain Tattoo, they are built in the form of carved rocks of the step pyramid, but this is one side of the issue. As we drove along the Eastern Rhodope mountains, then moved in other places, there we were just amazed at how many mountains there are made in the form of a perfect dome, completely equal domes.

Side, left, right identical, the front side of the identical back, that is a perfectly smooth dome, and it isn’t tomb no, it’s mountains, height of several hundred meters, often these are the dome, sometimes 50 meters, sometimes 300 meters or more. Practically the Eastern Rhodopes consist of such domes, that is, either they hide the stone pyramids, carved, and discoveries out there just have a big set, or is the rock city, and inside a underground room, which is carved in the shape of a dome. When we arrived on the other side, Bulgaria also saw these domes, they rarely are there, but they also have.

And in the Valley of the Kings in Central Bulgaria, a large number of smaller domes already, there a few tens of meters, this tomb, is that some kind of domed architecture, it was typical of the ancient world from, probably, mln year old times to times is really the tomb dates back several thousand years ago that… first, all the sanctuaries built on these ancient rock cities, and then these domed tombs, they too were built on the architecture of the ancient periods, that is somehow stored the previous civilization, the memory of that was built by the ancestors. And then suddenly it’s all time, was abruptly broken. And began building these skyscrapers, reinforced concrete boxes that block the wave of noise that block the natural electromagnetic field in which a person is destroying their health. This, again, possibly due to the misanthropic policy of those who now governs the world, that is absolutely the reluctance to pay attention to people.

Send from time to time photos graphy, sometimes on the Internet you find that there are similar complexes in the Urals and Altai. Moreover, in the Altai some photos graphy is not very convincing. But sent my friend an American photos graphy of another American, who has been collecting material on the megalithic complexes of Russia. That’s what is most surprising is that in America people are doing it. Here and there he cites convincing photos graphy, which I, as a geologist, was convinced that Altai has a well developed megalithic complexes of these rectangular units, weight, there, a few dozen tons, which form some of the ancient wall. But what is age, I find it difficult to say.

If here in the Mediterranean I date this set somewhere Neogene period, mostly Miocene, about 15-10 million years ago, and have sharp bases to date, we can have complexes, which are several hundred million years, so we can speak about more ancient civilizations are coming to light in our country. I saw photos graphy similar formations in Magadan oblast, Primorie, that is, apparently, something we can find and from Hyperborea. So we have, apparently, due to the fact that the country is huge, there are no more parts listed, lot of plains, there may be, as in the Rhodopes, the same as in Turkish, such rock outcrops, not so much. Here, maybe this discovery of their cause of future times.

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