The great wall of China

From whom and when built was the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China – a unique structure, though it looks like a dragon’s body is long, stretching in northern China. Length of more than 6400 km, the thickness of the walls about 3-yoh meters, and the height can reach Simi meters. It is believed that in the III century BC, began the construction of the wall, and ended only in the XVII century AD. It turns out that the accepted version of history is the construction lasted for almost 2,000 years. Indeed, a unique structure. Such protracted history does not know. This version of history all so accustomed that few people think about the absurdity of it.

Any building, especially large, has a definite practical purpose. Who today can get away with starting a huge building, which will be complete only after 2000 years? Of course, anyone! Because it bezsmyslenno. Not only is it unending construction of a heavy burden on the country’s population, the construction itself will continue to be destroyed and will have to restore it. What happened to the Great Wall.

We will never know how to look the first sections of the wall built, supposedly, BC. They, of course, collapsed. Those sites that have survived to our time, were mostly built during the Ming Dynasty, that is, supposedly, in the period from the XIV to the XVII century AD. Because at that time the building materials were brick and stone blocks, makes the design more robust. So historians are forced to admit that here this “wall”, which today can see anyone, did not appear before the XIV century BC. But even 600 years is rather advanced age for the stone building. I still do not understand why it is so well preserved building.

In Europe, for example, the medieval fortifications with time grew old and falling apart. They had to take apart and build a new, more modern. The same thing happened in Russia. Many medieval fortifications in the XVII century were rebuilt. But in China, the natural laws of physics, why it is not working.

Even if we assume that the ancient Chinese builders had somehow secret, thanks to which they have created such a unique building, historians do not have a logical answer to the main question: “Why the Chinese 2,000 years with a tenacity to build a stone wall? Who do they want to protect themselves? “- Historians say:” The wall was built along the entire border of the Chinese Empire for protection from nomad raids. ”

Against nomads such a wall thickness of as much as 3 meters, was not needed. Russian and Europeans began to build similar structures only when on the battlefield were guns and siege weapons, that is, in the XV century.

But it’s not in its thickness, and its length. The wall stretches for thousands of kilometers away, could not defend China from the raids.

Firstly, in many places, it runs at the foot of the mountains and the adjacent hills. It is obvious that the enemy, climbing on the neighboring peaks might easily shoot all the defenders in this region of the wall. From the top of flying arrows, the Chinese soldiers would simply be nowhere to hide.

Secondly, all over the walls, watch towers built every 60-100 meters. In these towers constantly had to be large military units and watch for the enemy. But even in the III century BC, during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, when it was already built 4,000 km wall, it turned out, if the towers will be installed so often, to ensure the effective defense of the walls will not be possible. Not enough of all the armed forces of the Chinese empire. And if you put on each tower are not a large group, it would be easy prey for the enemy. The small squad will be destroyed before neighboring units have time to come to his aid. If the defense teams to do great, but seldom put, the form is too long and vulnerable sections of the wall, through which the enemy is easy to penetrate into the country.

Not surprisingly, the emergence of such a strengthening and failed to protect China from raids. But its construction severely depleted state, and lost the throne of the Qin Dynasty. New Han Dynasty had not hoped for a great wall and returned to the system of mobile warfare, but, according to historians, the construction of the wall, why is continued. The strange story.

Another interesting fact is that by the end of the XVII century, apart from the Great Wall of China was not built a single large stone structures. But scientists say that the population of China led constant war with each other. Why they did not dissociate themselves from each other by walls and built the stone Kremlin in his cities?

With such experience, as the construction of the Great Wall of China, could cover the whole country fortifications. It turns out that all their money, effort and talent, the Chinese spent only for building in general is useless from a military point of view – the Great Wall.

But there is another version of the historical construction of the Great Wall. This version is not as popular among historians as the first, for it is more logical.

Great Wall really was built along the border of China, but not for protection from the nomads, and as a symbol of the turn between the two countries. And its construction started from 2000 years ago, and much later, in the XVII century AD. That is the famous wall of no more than 300 years. In favor of this version is a curious historical fact.

According to the official version of history, in the middle of XVII century, the northern land of China severely depopulated and to protect the land from the settlement of Russian and Korean, in 1678 Emperor Kangxi ordered the border to enclose a special fortified Empire line. Its construction lasted until the end of the 80s of the XVII century.

Here the question arises why the emperor needed to build some sort of new fortified line, if the entire northern border of China a long time ago there was a huge stone wall?

Most likely, no wall there has not been, therefore, to defend their land, the Chinese began to build a line of fortifications, because at this time, China led the border war with Russia. Only in the XVII century, the two sides agreed, which will host the border between the two countries.

In 1689 in the town of Nerchinsk was signed, which fixed the northern border of China. Perhaps the Chinese rulers of the XVII century attached great importance to the Treaty of Nerchinsk. and therefore we decided not to designate the border only on paper, but also on the ground. So all along the border with Russia appeared border wall.

Asia On the map of the XVIII century, made the Royal Academy in Amsterdam, can be clearly seen the two countries, China and Tartary. The northern border of China runs roughly along the 40th parallel, right on the border passes and Wall. Moreover, it is highlighted with a bold line and an inscription: «Muraille de la Chine» – which translated from French means “Wall of China”. The same can be seen in many other cards issued after the XVII century.

Of course, we can assume that the ancient Chinese 2000 years ago foresaw, which will host the Russian-Chinese border, and in 1689, two states, just took and held abroad have along standing here the walls, but in this case, it certainly would have been specified in the contract, but in the Treaty of Nerchinsk no mention of the wall is not present.

For several decades, scientists around the world are sounding the alarm. One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China, is rapidly being destroyed! Indeed, in some places, the wall height was reduced to two meters, which is completely gone observation tower, a few dozen kilometers of the wall even completely lost, and hundreds of kilometers continues to deteriorate rapidly. And this is despite the fact that over the last few centuries, the wall repeatedly repaired and restored, why she had not destroyed at a pace? Why is standing for more than two thousand years, the wall was rapidly turning into ruins?

Scientists around the blame climate, ecology, agriculture, and, of course, tourists. Each year, 10 million visit the wall. Man. It picks up where possible and where not. They want to see even those sections of the wall, which are closed to the public. But it’s likely the other.

Great Wall collapses quite naturally as destroyed all such facilities. 300 years – a very respectable age for a stone construction, and the version that the great Chinese long-term construction as much as 2,000 years – is a myth. Like most of the history of China.

P.S. The Internet goes, just another version that the Great Wall was built not by the Chinese. In those days in China, made of stone almost nothing was built, in addition to the wall. Moreover, loopholes in the old, not the restored sections of the wall are only on the south side. Unfortunately, I have not been to China and I can not say with certainty whether this really is. Photos graphy, which define the south side of the sun shade, can not be taken as proof. As is known, the wall is not straight, a completely different direction, the sun can shine like the south and the north side of the wall, roughly speaking.

Anyway, any of the versions has the right to life, and what would take for the truth, you decide.

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