Cyclopean masonry, why so named?

Cyclopean masonry, why so named? How and by whom performed?

Cyclopean masonry is a technique by which large hewn stone blocks and blocks created huge structures, without the use of a binder solution.

The strength and stability of the created structures was due to the severity and massiveness of the boulders and blocks.

The larger boulders and blocks, the fewer joints, seams, and therefore more strength.

The close fitting stone blocks together in different configurations and size was achieved by their careful adjustment.

For cyclopean masonry typical irregular joint pattern, straight and vertical seams non-existent.

Science-based information about who built these huge buildings, historical and archaeological papers no.

In the legends and myths of ancient peoples suggests that the huge cyclopean structures in different regions of the planet people built by giants or gods, not ordinary people.

People – the giants are also mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts.

According to the myths in the fortress of Tiryns was built by the giants. There is also a version of space aliens – the builders.

The ancient Greeks believed that a huge limestone boulders, which built defensive walls of Mycenae, could move only Cyclops with their exorbitant power. Probably, hence the name of masonry.

In myths refers to Thrace – a race of Cyclopes-giants.

Homer in the Odyssey tells how Cyclops a giant with one eye on the forehead captured Odysseus and his companions, and easily closed the entrance to the cave a huge stone boulder that couldn’t budge a few dozen people.

There is indirect evidence of the Cyclops. In Texas in the cave were found the remains of a creature similar to the Cyclops: height is about 3 meters, weight 300-400kg. age finds – about 10 thousand years.

Some elements of the buildings – too high stair treads, huge doorways and Windows, huge stone benches – clearly not intended for people of normal growth.

The most sizeable buildings with the use of cyclopean masonry:

defensive walls of Mycenae and Tiryns (Greece)

Sardinian-towers of huge stones, with living quarters, underground passages and warehouses

-religious buildings on the island of Malta, preserved stone sanctuary

-ancient Peruvian and Mexican architecture and ruins

-ruins of buildings in the former Mesopotamia,Cambodia, India, Transcaucasia, Crimea, Tajikistan, Siberia, on Altai

-pyramids – Egypt, South America, Cambodia, England, China, Malaysia

I believe that the aliens, Cyclops and other giants in the construction of cyclopean structures were not involved.

10 – 12 thousand years ago in various regions of the planet there was a highly technological civilization with the level of development of not less modern, and in some areas superior to the modern. Residents possess the knowledge, skills, techniques and technologies that can process huge stones, move them and build structures that still manage to surprise the whole world and left more puzzles than answers.


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