London – famous cathedrals


Among the architectural confusion of the London city reigns proudly the main symbol of the town is the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral. developed by the architect Christopher Wren. It is the third temple built after the Great fire of London in 1666. The magnificent dome of a Gothic Cathedral first built in the capital – inside painted with frescoes depicting the Saint’s life. On the upper floors of the building there are galleries, where does the infinite staircase. One of the most popular is the “Gallery of whispers”: if you stick your ear to the wall, you can hear the phrases spoken in a whisper from the other side. To get to the “Golden gallery” will have to overcome as many as 627 steps. In the crypt of the Cathedral lie the famous people of Britain – Nelson and Wellington. Also here are the graves of the Turner, Lawrence, Christopher Wren and Reynolds. During the period of Sunday services, the Cathedral is closed to visitors. On weekdays, it regularly hosts concerts of sacred and secular music.

Another symbol of the city is Westminster Abbey. where services are held on the Anglican rites. Since the time of William the Conqueror all English rulers were crowned here. Many of them joined in marriage here, and many are buried here. Westminster Abbey dates from the 13th century. In his architectural the shape clearly traced three periods of Gothic architecture: early, decorative and perpendicular. Medieval features have survived especially in the chapel of Henry VII. The status of an independent Church, which functions to this day, Westminster Abbey was in the reign of Elizabeth I. she is buried in the chapel of Henry VII, next to her sister and the first rival – Mary Stuart. In front of the chapel of Edward the Confessor mounted the ancient throne for coronations, under the seat of which is the famous stone of Scone – a mystical relic of Scotland. Among the numerous monuments of the Church allocate the gravestone of Charles Darwin, Edward Elgar, Isaac Newton and Henry Purcell.

Not to be confused with Abbey, the nearby Westminster Cathedral – the largest Catholic Church in England. The creators of this architectural project gave preference to the neo-Byzantine style with some elements of the Italian Renaissance. As a prototype of Westminster was chosen as the Basilica Hagia Sophia, located in Istanbul. Red brick Basilica of the building is decorated with stripes of white stone, and the 100-meter bell tower, accessible by Elevator, invites visitors and tourists to admire the beauty of the district government.

In London’s Southwark, just behind London bridge, is a beautiful Sutarskiy Cathedral. hidden behind a veil of high houses and bushy trees. The building, which is the most ancient Westminster Abbey, is a shining example of English Gothic. This Church is a former Church received in 1905.

In the famous Regent’s Park is London’s Central mosque, built in 1978. It has a prominent Golden dome, and its hall can accommodate about 2 thousand parishioners. Inside the dome is decorated with broken shapes in the Islamic tradition style. There are a small book shop and Halal cafe.

In the area of Brent is the temple Neasden, which is one of the largest Hindu buildings in Europe.

The oldest of the construction of a functioning Catholic Church of England is the Church of the Holy Etheldreda, Dating from the 13th century. It is located in Holborn in the territory Or place and consists of underground tombs and chapels. Currently, there are ceremonies (burial, wedding, baptism) and worship. In 1925 the building was given the status of historical monument.

Also in London there are two traditional Russian Orthodox churches. Central of them is the famous Cathedral of the Dormition and all Saints, situated near the station-metro station “Knightsbridge”. The parish was formed in 1741. In the present building it was in 1956. Originally it housed the Anglican Church of all saints, built in pseudomomentum the style of 19th century that mimic Verona’s Basilica San Zeno Maggiore Basilica of the 11th century.

Special attention of travelers should be taken on a magnificent Church in the middle ages – the Romanesque Church of St. Bartholomew the Great. It was consecrated in honor of the Saint, which according to legend had been skinned alive. The most famous Church found in the 14th century.

Visitors should certainly visit the Church of St. Martin, opposite the National gallery and is famous for its vocal and instrumental concerts free. The construction “in the Fields” was completed in 1726. In the crypt of the Church are and Church book store. Every Thursday there are guided tours.

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