Slavic-Ariccia the Vedas about the Universe structure

Slavic-Ariccia the Vedas about the Universe structure and history of mankind

This article provides unique information about the Slavic-Aryan Veda, written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago, with the history of settling the Land, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and predict events before our time.

In memory of salvation from the Flood and Great Resettlement clans of the great Race for the 16th year there was a kind of rite – of Packet with deep inner meaning, committed by all Orthodox peoples. This rite is well known to everybody. Pachet painted eggs hit each other, checking, whose egg stronger. Broken egg called egg Koshcheev, ie shattered Moon Cherish Customzed with databases, and whole egg called Force of Tarkh dazhdbog. In everyday life there was also the tale about Koshchey Immortal, whose death was in the egg (on the moon Lele) somewhere on the top of a high oak (i.e., in heaven).

As a result of the first cold snap of the Great Northern hemisphere Midgard-Earth during the third year was covered with snow. Due to the lack of food for people and animals began the Great migration of descendants of the Sort Heavenly for the Ural mountains, which was defended on the Western borders of the Holy Russenia.

H Aryan Race led by the Great Leader of the Ant reached the Western (Atlantic) ocean and with the help of Wightman crossed on an island in this ocean, in which lived Beardless people with skin the color of the flame of the sacred Fire (people with red skin). In the land of the Great Leader built the Temple (temple) Trident God of the Seas and Oceans (God Nia), who patronized the people, protecting them from the Forces of Evil. The island became known as the Land of Ants or Antlan (in ancient Greek – Atlantis).

The Death Of The Moon Fatta

However, the life of our Ancestors on the Midgard-Earth underwent another test. As evidenced by the Vedas, the great prosperity has otomani heads of leaders and priests. Laziness and the desire of someone else overshadowed their minds. And they began to lie to Gods and people, began to live by their own laws, violating the Precepts of the Wise Ancestor and the Laws of God the Lord is one. And began to use the Power of the Elements (possibly, gravitational weapons) Midgard-Ground to achieve their goals.

013 13 years ago (11 008 BC) in the battle between the people of the White Race and the priests of Antlan the Moon Fatta was destroyed. But a huge Fatta splinter crashed into the Ground, resulting in a change in the tilt of earth’s axis at 23 degrees and the mainland has changed shape (hence – the modern word “fatal”). Jarilo-Sun has to pass through the different Heavenly Halls at Svarog Circle. A giant wave three times around the earth that resulted in the death of Antlan and other Islands. Increased volcanic activity has led to pollution of the atmosphere, which was one reason for the Great Cooling and glaciation. It took many centuries before it became to purify the atmosphere, and the glaciers retreated to the poles.

After the death of the righteous Antlan people Race Light Clean Wightman was transferred to the territory of the great Country TA-Kem that was on the East side of Antlan and to the South of great Venei (Europe). There lived tribes with skin the color of Darkness (Negros) and tribes with skin the color of the Setting Sun – the ancestors of a separate Semitic peoples, particularly the Arabs. TA-Kem – so-called ancient country, which existed in the North African continent, on the territory of modern Egypt. From ancient Egyptian legends we know that this country was founded by nine White Gods who came from the North. Under the White Gods in this case, white-skinned Priests hiding – dedicated to the Ancient Knowledge. They certainly were Gods for Negroid population of Ancient Egypt. The Greeks called them the Cimmerians.

White Gods created the state of Egypt and handed over to the local population sixteen mysteries: the ability to build housing and churches, mastery of the technique of agriculture, livestock, irrigation, craft art, navigation, military art, music, astronomy, poetry, medicine, embalming secrets, secret science, Institute of the priesthood, Institute of Pharaoh, the use of minerals. All this knowledge, the Egyptians received from the first dynasties. Four genera of the great Race, one after another, were taught the Ancient Wisdom of new Priests. Their knowledge was so extensive, that allowed to quickly organize into a powerful civilization. The deadline for the formation of the state of Egypt is known – 12-13 thousand years ago. The route, as white Priests were in Egypt, now known: Belovodye (Russenia) – Antlan (Atlantis) – Ancient Egypt.

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