The Gothic Church in the suburbs

The Gothic Church in the suburbs

Only 10 km away. from Moscow, Bykovo is a miracle – the Church in the Gothic style by the project of V. I. Bazhenov.

White stone Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God with the chapel of the Nativity built in 1789

Surprisingly, on each side of the temple looks completely different. A warm entrance to the lower temple is located between the flights of stairs leading to the upper Church. The facade of this right attracts the eye, and looks especially impressive staircase, a steep curve which rapidly lifts you up.

Interestingly, in the original draft Bazhenov was no outer stairs, with two symmetrically arranged Church witness marks.

What a blessing that was implemented the second option, because the staircase itself is a masterpiece of architecture!

In the decorative portico with columns between the arched Windows were sculptures of saints, they disappeared in Soviet times (it told the friendly servant in the Church, with such love and respect treated us, very earnestly, with tears in her eyes told us the story of the temple).

The temple’s decoration is extremely rich, a lot of detail in the Gothic style.

Another feature of the temple oval at the base.

The upper Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God on the restoration. According to the supervisor, the temple is under the protection of UNESCO, distinguished money for its restoration, but most settle somewhere along the road. Therefore, the process is very slow, at the moment only restored iconostasis.

Opened the lower Church in the basement of the Nativity of Christ. Its interior was badly damaged in the Soviet times, in 1937 the Church was closed and ruined. For a long time there was a sewing workshop, warehouses, etc. In 1989 the Church was returned to believers.

Now there is a fragment of painting in carved wooden frame, which is attributed to Bazhenov.

The Church was built by order of M. Izmailov, Senator and Governor of Moscow and the Moscow Province. In 1762 Catherine II came to Mikhail Mikhailovich village in gratitude (he was one of the participants of the Palace revolution, in which Catherine came to the throne). Izmailov worked with Bazhenov during the construction of the Palace in the Kremlin, and later invited to organize the estate of Bykovo. Ö in addition to the Church, Bazhenov had designed a Park with cascading ponds, home and Park pavilions. In the 19th century the property has a new owner – Ivan Vorontsov-Dashkov. By his order on the Foundation of Bazhenov house was built Vorontsov Palace . extant.

In the Palace until recently was occupied by the sanatorium. What will become of him no one could not tell. After our persuasion, the guard let inside. Several rooms still have beautiful traces of the past: a study, lined with dark carved wood (it’s amazing that he survived as well!), marble fireplace, painted ceiling. It’s not as bad as we imagined! One can only hope that the Palace will fall into proper hands, it will restore and one of the noble manor that is open for lovers of history and culture, will be more.

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