The series of paintings by Claude Monet

The cathedrals — this is another famous series is Monet . consisting of thirty paintings. The artist decides to concentrate on particular fragments of a Gothic Cathedral and selects the portal, the tower of St. Martin and the tower of the Alban. He is interested in solely the play of light on the stone, heaven and earth almost cease to exist.

Dawn Monet in waiting: in accordance with his technology, he paints a lot of paintings of the same fragment to capture the appropriate lighting effects. “The sooner my work is moving, the harder it is to show what I feel. All night I had nightmares: the Cathedral fell on me, it was something blue, then pink, then yellow,” he confides to a friend and future biographer — to Gustave geffroy.

The Cathedral in Rouen in the sun

The musée d’orsay, Paris

After returning from Rouen, Monet’s paintings of leaves unopened. If he gets one of them, only to continue to work on it. Expect all of the Rouen series will be presented only in 1895. The artist wants twenty paintings from the series “Cathedrals” were sold not one, but whole series, despite the fact that each of them is estimated at 15 000 francs!

“The Cathedral in Rouen ” to be controversial, although cézanne, Pissarro and Clemenceau accept them with enthusiasm. Even Clemenceau wrote the article “Revolution councils” and says that “a stationary object with great force stresses the movement of light”.

Against the will of Monet’s “Rouen Cathedrals” were sold to different persons, and today they can be found in museums in France, the United States and Russia.

“The Cathedral in Rouen” has influenced many artists of the XX century. French artist Fautrier said that this series has radically changed the way of thinking of several generations of artists. American Roy Lichtenstein in the pop-in 1969, three jobs, named “Cathedral at Rouen”, directly addresses the theme proposed by Monet .

The Cathedral in Rouen at noon


Museum. Pushkin, Moscow

Technical note

Over time, Monet brings out on the canvas with increasingly thick layer of paint, the selection of individual colors is less noticeable than at the beginning of his work.

In the sun and shade, clear spring day and grey in the winter — stone saturated with colored inks. In Monet’s shadow becomes the color, and the color — play of light.

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