The most mysterious places on Earth

The most mysterious places on Earth


Our world is full of mysteries, which is already many decades no one can solve. On site there are amazing places where there are mysterious accidents are mysterious buildings and unexplained characters, the appearance of which remains a mystery for many centuries. Many such places have been carefully researched by scientists and archaeologists, but these locations are so old that it is still not clear where they originate.

One of those mysterious structures on Earth – Stonehenge . located on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England. This is the most mysterious monument in the world is excited and, at the same time, a great deal of controversy among scholars and historians. Studies of this object lasted from the middle Ages.

Stonehenge looks like a stone building near London and consists of 56 small funeral “Aubrey holes” arranged in the shape of a circle. Presumably, this structure is only a remnant of a vast monument, which was badly destroyed by time, wars and disasters.

The pyramids and the Sphinx

Some scientists believe that Stonehenge was a great monument, located near the place of burial, and it was built by highly advanced ancient society, the other side argues that this old building was a unique place of healing.

Another mystery of our planet believe the Egyptian pyramids and the statue of the Sphinx at Giza. The most incredible is that the Statue of the Great Sphinx is made from one integral section of the cliff, 80 meters long, the width reaches 7 meters, and the height is 11 meters. Mystery attractions such as the Great Sphinx is competing with many existing monuments and mysterious places of the planet. After all the riddles of the Great Sphinx impress both historians and archaeologists.

Egyptologists have an opinion about the causes of this statue, but full of mystery has always been and probably will be the secret: how, and by whom it was created.

The Geoglyphs Of Nazca

Mysterious Geoglyphs of Nasca enter to the bewilderment of all the scientists who saw these images. They look like a series of neatly drawn lines and icons, uncovered on a dry plateau in the area of the Nazca desert, Peru. The clarity of the lines is surprising, they managed to remain intact for several hundred years due to favourable arid climate. Separate lines depict a variety of items, from primitive lines to birds, insects and animals.

There are several theories on the emergence of Geografov Nazca, one of the most popular: these mysterious lines were caused to accomplish religious rituals of ancient Indians. Other scientists believe that these figures are evidence of a huge looms.

In addition, it should be noted such mysterious and fantastic places on Earth, as mount Kailas in Tibet or lake Burial .

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