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Brick in the interior: from the Gothic castle to the loft

In a brick rhythm

Brickwork in the interior has become a fashionable “chip” after the current trend is to convert old industrial buildings into homes. To cover with brick wall trim of such structure and difficult and costly, and even blasphemous, because you will lose one of the main distinguishing features that create the very “industrial aesthetics”. So with the mid-twentieth century fashion entered the rough brick walls in the interior.

To purchase premises in the old industrial and commercial buildings, not all could afford them, and to bring to the interior a fresh approach wanted. Realized the idea with brick walls by creating a not particularly realistic imitations: one papered wall paper Wallpaper brick, while others were accepted for the painting, depicting on the walls brickwork.

By the end of the last century, there are more opportunities for the realization of design ideas, and it is, of course, reflected in the trends of interior fashion. “If you have the opportunity to create almost a real brick masonry in the interior, it means we have to create it” — probably thought about so many designers and went to work. Brick in the interior of urban and suburban housing has become associated not only with the aesthetics of industrial areas, but also with other styles and directions.

You like the idea of a brick wall in the interior of your home? You are fascinated by the “brick” rhythm and brutality of the “brick” background? You are attracted by the deliberate simplicity and roughness in the finish? You love the contrasts in the interior? Then this article is for you.

How to create brick walls in the interior

The first option is the most natural. This, of course, is a real brick wall. This possibility is mainly available to those who have just built a brick house or bought an apartment in a brick building. The new brick walls plastered or covered with plasterboard, but if desired, one or more of the walls can be left intact.

Of course, with the wall need to work on to clean off salt stains, traces of cement and building dust. You can buy special solvents (acidic solutions) that are sold in DIY stores. Have to work hard and carefully to wash the wall after cleaning.

Then the brickwork can be podshlifovat. After that, we should be grouted using grout for the tile or plaster. The last stage of the treatment of brick walls — covering of her water-based varnish.

The second option is the most simple and not particularly costly: the Wallpapers into the brickwork. It can be paintable Wallpaper, simulates only the brick texture, or a colorful Wallpaper, imitating the texture and all external nuances. But there is one problem — to find suitable Wallpapers brick is not easy.

Wallpaper brick, maybe someone will seem yesterday, but this decision is actually quite common, especially when it comes to allocation of only one wall or part thereof (for example, pasting Wallpaper the walls in a recess of a niche).

The third option facing brick. Facing brick is also called thin-walled. The main difference is that it is noticeably thinner than the “original”, that is the building brick. Thin brick is more suitable for the interior, as it consumes less space. Besides it weighs less, which is important when facing a thin wall.

Facing brick is a different color, with effect of antiquity is ideal or new, frosted or glazed. For facing brick walls using glue designed for artificial and natural stone. Also used tile grout for joints.

The fourth option — tile under a brick. In fact, many make no distinction between thin facing brick and tile under a brick, calling it “face brick”.

Frequently under the tiles refers to a more subtle plachecki. This material is even called ” brick veneer “.

Tile under a brick, and the facing brick can be clay or ceramic. Such stacked brick veneers like a normal tile on a perfectly flat surface with tile adhesive, crosses and subsequent grouting.

Which option of creating a brick suitable for your interior, only you can decide, based on the initial situation, objectives, financial and other possibilities.

We also need to decide the color. If this is a facing brick or tile, the color may be quite different. Most often, of course, meets the red and white brick in the interior .

Real brick walls can be painted in any color, thoroughly preparing the surface. After painting the effect will be very different in its own interest.

Painted brick wall in the interior hallway

Brick wall in the headboard

Brickwork in the interior: a matter of style

For any interior styles is characterized by the presence of brick walls and other elements of brick?

First of all, this is a loft style . which was already mentioned above. The popularity of old industrial buildings as residential premises contributed to the emergence of brick trends in the world of interior fashion.

Lofts — the so-called flats and houses in old abandoned factories, warehouses, workshops, etc. Buying such a room, people tried to save the original “industrial aesthetics”: a lot of pipes under the ceiling and along the walls, masonry, beams.

So stood out loft style . which can now be seen not only in former industrial buildings that have become residential, but also in ordinary houses and apartments. If you want to create an interior in loft style, brick walls without you can not do.

Loft style

Loft style

Brick in the interior in the style loft

The second style, which is characterized by the use of brick in the interior is country style . but in a broader sense. This is not necessarily a village house, and maybe, just a country cottage or hunting Lodge. That is clearly not urban living, and away from the concrete jungle.

In such houses were built stoves and fireplaces of brick and did not see the need to revet the walls, it’s a country house, where not satisfied with the social scene, and don’t even live permanently. Finished remained not entire floors. And this, of course, has its own charm associated with a country retreat or a summer vacation spent with her grandmother in the village. Brick in the interior is now used as when creating a country style in urban housing and in country houses, emphasizing the remoteness of their homes from the city.

Another style is neo-Gothic or just Gothic. Gothic is a style of the European middle ages, medieval castles and medieval monasteries. At the time, did not seek further decorate the stone walls, so bringing Gothic motifs in the interiors of modern homes, designers are often actively used by masonry, making it some of the walls, arches, columns, etc. the Interiors turn out spectacular due to its contrast: for example, the brutal brick walls adjacent to the luxurious four-poster bed, and a Lancet arch made of old brick with a crystal chandelier…

Brick walls are common in modern interiors in a minimalist style . Most often brown or red brick coexists here with white-gray-black walls, floors and furniture. The presence of rough masonry in the interior underlines its urban essence.

However, brick walls in a modern interior can be neat white or grey, not contrasting with other decoration and furniture, but only makes the variety of its rhythmic texture.

White brick walls in the interior

Brick in the interior: how to use

Brickwork in the interior is used to create accent walls. This is usually the wall behind the sofa, behind the bed headboard. behind the TV or around the dining table. Possibilities to highlight one of the walls — many, and masonry is one of the most spectacular if we are talking about these styles.

Brick and make an apron in the kitchen that allows you to emphasize the style of the room.

Sometimes the bricks (tiles, brick, Wallpaper, brick veneer or face brick) finish furniture. And sometimes even collect furniture from the brick. Of course, this furniture turns stationary. For example, it can be a Breakfast bar. kitchen island, vanity unit or Cabinet for installation of the hob in the kitchen.

Brick masonry is one of the ways to highlight the inner surface of the interior niches. In this case, use the Wallpaper under a brick or “veneers”.

Erected of brick or stone columns and pilasters and partitions and pauperhood.

One of the most common problems that are solved by “interior brick” is a veneer fireplace portals for wood-burning, electric or artificial fireplaces.

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