London – famous cathedrals


Among the architectural confusion of the London city reigns proudly the main symbol of the town is the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral. developed by the architect Christopher Wren. It is the third temple built after the Great fire of London in 1666. The magnificent dome of a Gothic Cathedral first built in the capital – inside painted with frescoes depicting the Saint’s life. On the upper floors of the building there are galleries, where does the infinite staircase. One of the most popular is the “Gallery of whispers”: if you stick your ear to the wall, you can hear the phrases spoken in a whisper from the other side. To get to the “Golden gallery” will have to overcome as many as 627 steps. In the crypt of the Cathedral lie the famous people of Britain – Nelson and Wellington. Also here are the graves of the Turner, Lawrence, Christopher Wren and Reynolds. During the period of Sunday services, the Cathedral is closed to visitors. On weekdays, it regularly hosts concerts of sacred and secular music.

Another symbol of the city is Westminster Abbey. where services are held on the Anglican rites. Since the time of William the Conqueror all English rulers were crowned here. Many of them joined in marriage here, and many are buried here. Westminster Abbey dates from the 13th century. In his architectural Continue reading

Cyclopean masonry, why so named?

Cyclopean masonry, why so named? How and by whom performed?

Cyclopean masonry is a technique by which large hewn stone blocks and blocks created huge structures, without the use of a binder solution.

The strength and stability of the created structures was due to the severity and massiveness of the boulders and blocks.

The larger boulders and blocks, the fewer joints, seams, and therefore more strength.

The close fitting stone blocks together in different configurations and size was achieved by their careful adjustment.

For cyclopean masonry typical irregular joint pattern, straight and vertical seams non-existent.

Science-based information about who built these huge buildings, historical and archaeological papers no.

In the legends and myths of ancient peoples suggests that the huge cyclopean structures in different regions of the planet people built by giants or gods, not ordinary people.

People – the giants are also mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts.

According to the myths in the fortress of Tiryns was built by the giants. There is also a version of space aliens – the builders.

The ancient Greeks believed that a huge limestone boulders, which built defensive walls of Mycenae, could move only Cyclops with their exorbitant power. Probably, hence the name of masonry.

In myths Continue reading

The great wall of China

From whom and when built was the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China – a unique structure, though it looks like a dragon’s body is long, stretching in northern China. Length of more than 6400 km, the thickness of the walls about 3-yoh meters, and the height can reach Simi meters. It is believed that in the III century BC, began the construction of the wall, and ended only in the XVII century AD. It turns out that the accepted version of history is the construction lasted for almost 2,000 years. Indeed, a unique structure. Such protracted history does not know. This version of history all so accustomed that few people think about the absurdity of it.

Any building, especially large, has a definite practical purpose. Who today can get away with starting a huge building, which will be complete only after 2000 years? Of course, anyone! Because it bezsmyslenno. Not only is it unending construction of a heavy burden on the country’s population, the construction itself will continue to be destroyed and will have to restore it. What happened to the Great Wall.

We will never know how to look the first sections of the wall built, supposedly, BC. They, of course, collapsed. Those sites that have survived to our time, were mostly built during the Ming Dynasty, that is, supposedly, Continue reading

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