The Gothic Church in the suburbs

The Gothic Church in the suburbs

Only 10 km away. from Moscow, Bykovo is a miracle – the Church in the Gothic style by the project of V. I. Bazhenov.

White stone Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God with the chapel of the Nativity built in 1789

Surprisingly, on each side of the temple looks completely different. A warm entrance to the lower temple is located between the flights of stairs leading to the upper Church. The facade of this right attracts the eye, and looks especially impressive staircase, a steep curve which rapidly lifts you up.

Interestingly, in the original draft Bazhenov was no outer stairs, with two symmetrically arranged Church witness marks.

What a blessing that was implemented the second option, because the staircase itself is a masterpiece of architecture!

In the decorative portico with columns between the arched Windows were sculptures of saints, they disappeared in Soviet times (it told the friendly servant in the Church, with such love and respect treated us, very earnestly, with tears in her eyes told us the story of the temple).

The temple’s decoration is extremely rich, a lot of detail in the Gothic style.

Another feature of the temple oval at the base.

The upper Church of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God on the restoration. According to the supervisor, the temple is under the protection of UNESCO, distinguished Continue reading

Mysterious places of Russia

Mysterious places of Russia

Since ancient times people have attached great importance to the magical, mystical properties of certain territories. Space endowed with an aura of mystery and riddles. Russia is no exception. In our country, it has areas in which there was or still something unusual is happening that defy rational explanation. Ufologists and parapsychologists are actively exploring these areas and try to understand what is the reason for this anomaly.

Perm anomalous zone — Molebskuyu triangle

Is this place opposite the village Molebka, on the left Bank of the Sylva river. Previously, this land belonged to the Mansi people, who have established here a prayer stone for sacrifice rituals. About this village, the whole country learned in the 80-ies. At this time, from Perm geologist Emil Bachurin saw in the snow a huge mark in the form of a circle whose diameter was 62 meters. There is evidence that in the 19th century on this place have observed unidentified flying objects. Now Molebskuyu triangle is the place where he had seen Bigfoot, UFOs, various glowing sphere, plasmoids, etc. Scientists have conducted research with the help of special devices, are inarguably showed in this place the presence of strong anomalies. This area is very popular among tourists all year tend to visit the Molebka in search of mysticism and mysteries.

The Dyatlov pass, or the Mountain of the dead

Medveditsky Continue reading

London – famous cathedrals


Among the architectural confusion of the London city reigns proudly the main symbol of the town is the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral. developed by the architect Christopher Wren. It is the third temple built after the Great fire of London in 1666. The magnificent dome of a Gothic Cathedral first built in the capital – inside painted with frescoes depicting the Saint’s life. On the upper floors of the building there are galleries, where does the infinite staircase. One of the most popular is the “Gallery of whispers”: if you stick your ear to the wall, you can hear the phrases spoken in a whisper from the other side. To get to the “Golden gallery” will have to overcome as many as 627 steps. In the crypt of the Cathedral lie the famous people of Britain – Nelson and Wellington. Also here are the graves of the Turner, Lawrence, Christopher Wren and Reynolds. During the period of Sunday services, the Cathedral is closed to visitors. On weekdays, it regularly hosts concerts of sacred and secular music.

Another symbol of the city is Westminster Abbey. where services are held on the Anglican rites. Since the time of William the Conqueror all English rulers were crowned here. Many of them joined in marriage here, and many are buried here. Westminster Abbey dates from the 13th century. In his architectural Continue reading

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