The Gothic structure


The middle ages. The era of romance and lofty emotions, jousting and faith in the other world, produced darkly elegant Gothic.

The word “Gothic” comes from the Italian word “gotico”, which means something barbaric, unusual. This is not surprising since the Gothic style in architecture and art has replaced the usual Europeans Romanesque style, which was the echo of ancient culture ancient Byzantium.

The most evident Gothic style in architecture. Its high Lancet Windows, pointed arches, narrow high tower, and numerous stained glass Windows replaced the massive Romanesque walls with small Windows, bringing in the new architecture of the invention is the frame structure.

Thanks to this design of the building of the Gothic period are easily recognizable.

The main feature of Gothic style is that all elements of the architecture emphasized extended, as if striving upwards. This is because the style originated in the times of the Crusades – religious age, and therefore it manifests itself mostly in the architecture of religious buildings – churches, temples, chapels, etc. representing the human desire for God.

The most striking example of Gothic architecture can serve the Church in the monastery of Saint – Denis, recognized as the first building built in the Gothic style.

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Tectonic structure of continents

Tectonic structure of continents

A. the continent consists of two main structural elements — Waandishi Vostok platform and folded mountain belt of the Andes

Waandishi platform include Precambrian East SA and epihercynian platform (epibionts) Patagonian plate

The Foundation of the South American platform consists of uneven-aged blocks, consolidated during the period of the upper Proterozoic-early Paleozoic.

The largest of the protrusions of the Foundation — Guiana, Western Brazil and Eastern Brazilian shields;

West Guiana and Brazilian shields almost entirely of glubokoeshelonirovannoj and intensely deformed rocks of the Archean and lower Proterozoic (gneisses, crystalline schists and granites).

The Eastern Brazilian shield consists of separate blocks of early Precambrian – banality (Serra dospinescu, Chapada Diamantina, etc.)

On the Western Guiana and Brazilian shields have survived composing the watershed areas of outcrops of ancient, protoplectron cover, composed of red clastic strata and layers of basalts; in terrain they correspond to tepui and Chapada

Younger case (middle — upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic) performs syneclise platform. Social the inhomogeneous case. In the late Carboniferous — early Perm territory to the South of the Amazon was covered by a cover glaciation. (Perm-Carbuncle Continue reading

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Gothic style
Gothic style It is difficult to find the right words to describe impressions from the Gothic Cathedral. They are high and reach for the sky endless arrows of towers and…

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