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The most mysterious places on Earth

The most mysterious places on Earth


Our world is full of mysteries, which is already many decades no one can solve. On site there are amazing places where there are mysterious accidents are mysterious buildings and unexplained characters, the appearance of which remains a mystery for many centuries. Many such places have been carefully researched by scientists and archaeologists, but these locations are so old that it is still not clear where they originate.

One of those mysterious structures on Earth – Stonehenge . located on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England. This is the most mysterious monument in the world is excited and, at the same time, a great deal of controversy among scholars and historians. Studies of this object lasted from the middle Ages.

Stonehenge looks like a stone building near London and consists of 56 small funeral “Aubrey holes” arranged in the shape of a circle. Presumably, this structure is only a remnant of a vast monument, which was badly destroyed by time, wars and disasters.

The pyramids and the Sphinx

Some scientists believe that Stonehenge was a great monument, located near the place of burial, and it was built by highly advanced ancient society, the other side argues that this old building Continue reading

Ancient fish bone from China

Ancient fish bone from China

Chinese paleontologists have discovered in Yunnan province (Yunnan) in the sediments belonging to the upper Silurian, in the layers of the age 418-419 million years, the fossilized remains of fish. The study findings showed that the fish belongs to the class of bony fish (Osteichthyes) and combines the characteristics of two subclasses – the ray-finned (Actinopterigii) and lobe-finned (Sarcopterygii). Paleontologists have named the fish Guiu (Guiyu oneiros).

The Chinese paleontologist Zhu Min (Min Zhu) and his colleagues from the Institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), China Academy of Sciences), devoted to the study of this fish, published in the Journal Nature.

According to modern views, from bony fish were almost all vertebrates, including, eventually, humans. By the way, do not confuse bone and bony fishes. We are all familiar bony fishes (Teleostei) arose in the Mesozoic and belong to the subclass of ray-finned fishes.

To the descendants of the ancient bony fish scientists classify all living clustertech animals except cartilaginous fishes – sharks, rays and chimeras. They stemmed from the evolutionary tree earlier. And here we are, in principle, can be considered distant descendants of the Silurian bony fish.

Unfortunately, the early stage of this evolutionary process is still not well understood., Continue reading

Megalithic temples of Hagar

Turofed — travel

Megalithic temples of Hagar and Ggantija.

Among other merits before history, the Maltese archipelago is world famous for the fact that the most ancient man-made structures on Earth are located here. This is the megalithic temples.

Hagar “standing stones (to) worship” – a megalithic temple complex on the island of Malta. Refers to the phase of Ggantija Maltese ancient history (3600-3200 BC).

The temple of Hagar Qim stands on a hilltop, with views of the sea and the islet of Filfla (Filfla). The temple is a single temple structure, although it is unclear whether it was built originally as four or pateamine structure. In fact, this religious building from the huge raw or semi-processed stone blocks, which include dolmens (funerary box, covered with a massive flat slab), and menhirs (single standing stones) and cromlechs (circular fence). Maltese megaliths are dolmens.

The fact that all the buildings were built of stone blocks, the size of which is 8 meters long and weighs tens of tons. Still, it remains a mystery how could the people of that era, which were known only primitive tools, to create such a large building material whole complexes of buildings, and even to lay the stones so tightly that they are no cracks. However, Continue reading

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