Slavic-Ariccia the Vedas about the Universe structure

Slavic-Ariccia the Vedas about the Universe structure and history of mankind

This article provides unique information about the Slavic-Aryan Veda, written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago, with the history of settling the Land, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and predict events before our time.

In memory of salvation from the Flood and Great Resettlement clans of the great Race for the 16th year there was a kind of rite – of Packet with deep inner meaning, committed by all Orthodox peoples. This rite is well known to everybody. Pachet painted eggs hit each other, checking, whose egg stronger. Broken egg called egg Koshcheev, ie shattered Moon Cherish Customzed with databases, and whole egg called Force of Tarkh dazhdbog. In everyday life there was also the tale about Koshchey Immortal, whose death was in the egg (on the moon Lele) somewhere on the top of a high oak (i.e., in heaven).

As a result of the first cold snap of the Great Northern hemisphere Midgard-Earth during the third year was covered with snow. Due to the lack of food for people and animals began the Great migration of descendants of the Sort Heavenly for the Ural mountains, which was defended on the Western borders of the Holy Russenia. Continue reading

Mysterious places of Russia

Mysterious places of Russia

Since ancient times people have attached great importance to the magical, mystical properties of certain territories. Space endowed with an aura of mystery and riddles. Russia is no exception. In our country, it has areas in which there was or still something unusual is happening that defy rational explanation. Ufologists and parapsychologists are actively exploring these areas and try to understand what is the reason for this anomaly.

Perm anomalous zone — Molebskuyu triangle

Is this place opposite the village Molebka, on the left Bank of the Sylva river. Previously, this land belonged to the Mansi people, who have established here a prayer stone for sacrifice rituals. About this village, the whole country learned in the 80-ies. At this time, from Perm geologist Emil Bachurin saw in the snow a huge mark in the form of a circle whose diameter was 62 meters. There is evidence that in the 19th century on this place have observed unidentified flying objects. Now Molebskuyu triangle is the place where he had seen Bigfoot, UFOs, various glowing sphere, plasmoids, etc. Scientists have conducted research with the help of special devices, are inarguably showed in this place the presence of strong anomalies. This area is very popular among tourists all year tend to visit the Molebka in search of mysticism and mysteries.

The Dyatlov pass, or the Mountain of the dead

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Cyclopean masonry, why so named?

Cyclopean masonry, why so named? How and by whom performed?

Cyclopean masonry is a technique by which large hewn stone blocks and blocks created huge structures, without the use of a binder solution.

The strength and stability of the created structures was due to the severity and massiveness of the boulders and blocks.

The larger boulders and blocks, the fewer joints, seams, and therefore more strength.

The close fitting stone blocks together in different configurations and size was achieved by their careful adjustment.

For cyclopean masonry typical irregular joint pattern, straight and vertical seams non-existent.

Science-based information about who built these huge buildings, historical and archaeological papers no.

In the legends and myths of ancient peoples suggests that the huge cyclopean structures in different regions of the planet people built by giants or gods, not ordinary people.

People – the giants are also mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts.

According to the myths in the fortress of Tiryns was built by the giants. There is also a version of space aliens – the builders.

The ancient Greeks believed that a huge limestone boulders, which built defensive walls of Mycenae, could move only Cyclops with their exorbitant power. Probably, hence the name of masonry.

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